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WaferMark System Support

Semiconductor wafer marking is a long-standing laser application going back well over 20 years. Traceability and product identification are essential elements of the semiconductor manufacturing process and lasers provide an unsurpassed marking solution in terms of both precision and throughput. However, many of today’s laser machines used in the wafer marking process have been in operation for a considerable time. As a result, the occasional breakdown or equipment failure is to be expected.

Wafer marking support

Minimise Downtime

To minimise downtime and maintain productivity, TLM provide a worldwide wafer mark system support service. Our engineers are recognised as among the very best in the business by the semiconductor industry. They are experienced and trained in providing maintenance and service for virtually all the leading names in laser wafer marking past and present including ESI and associated past mergers and acquisitions – LIS, Lumonics and GSI-Lumonics.

Support Team and Spare Parts Service

TLM’s engineers are supported in turn by our technical support team and spare part service. We carry a wide range of spare parts – electrical, optics, lamps, robots, aligners, flow cells, diode modules and a multiplicity of general components. If you don’t require service support and know which part you need, please contact

Market Leading Manufacturer

TLM are exclusive UK and Ireland product partners of Innolas – the market leading manufacturer of Wafer Marking and Wafer Sorting equipment. Wafer marking has been Innolas’ core business for over 20 years with quality and reliability being the company’s watchword. To meet individual customer needs in terms of process quality on semiconductor material, Innolas offers a wide range of optical set-ups as well as a large variety of marking fonts such as SEMI OCR and SEMI Barcode 412.

New or Replacement Lasers

If you need a new or replacement wafer marking laser and require details and information on the Innolas range of wafer marking products or, alternatively, your existing wafer marking lasers are in need of maintenance or service, please contact