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Laser Marking Tools and Metal

Industrial Laser Marking for the Tools and Metal Industries

Foba laser markers mark a multitude of different parts and materials for the tools and metal industries. There is virtually no demanding parts marking nor unique identification coding application that is not possible with our marking lasers. Apart from plates, tubes, profiles and gears, our laser markers also mark engine parts, a variety of instruments and industrial tools, and hard-to-mark materials fully automatically with permanent and high-quality markings.

Fast Marking of Complex Variable Data

From plastics to metals (plain and painted, aluminum, steel, brass, chrome, nickel, etc.) to hard-to-mark materials (ceramics, epoxys) – from color change, engraving, black marking/ annealing to material removal, Foba laser markers code nearly any part or material handled or produced in the tools and metals sector. They quickly apply complex variable data (ID matrix/ bar codes, logos, characters, [serial] numbers, individual data, etc.) on moving and static products. 

  • laser marking tools
  • laser marking mouldings and components
  • buttons

All codes applied with Foba marking lasers are easily readable to the eye and for automatic readers, remain durable and are resistant to abrasion, temperature, light and lubricants.

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Laser Mouldmaking

All tool steels and ceramics, without any hardness restriction, can be machined with a standard high quality of surface roughness.

Our new generation of laser engraving machines combines over 15 years of know-how in laser engraving with a state-of-the-art machine tool.