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Why Ink Jet When You Can Laser?

If you’re a food or drinks manufacturer using ink jets to print packaging information on the fly you already know the pitfalls.

Ink jet printing is messy and expensive. The print head is prone to clogging and the inks can smear on the printed article. The ink cartridges Are enormously expensive, in fact they’re often referred to as liquid gold! On top of all these disadvantages it’s no surprise that looking after an Ink jet system is labour intensive.

However, many in the food and beverage industry still use ink jets in the belief that a laser alternative would take up too much space.

Now, with the world’s smallest laser marking head, FOBA’s Titus™, space is no longer an issue.

Small makes life easy

FOBA Titus laser marking

Titus™ is certainly small - at 205 x 41mmm it’s about the size of a ballpoint pen. Despite the tiny size, Titus’s advantages are considerable. Compared to other lasers, Titus™ is up to 90% smaller and lighter. It is also the easiest to install, easiest to integrate and easiest to operate.

Titus™ is designed for anyone who wants to integrate laser markers into a limited production environment.

Innovative features

  • Titus™ is available as a 20W or 30W vector scanning laser marker.
  • It provides 0º and 90º beam settings to enable installation in tight spaces.
  • There’s a choice of a 3m umbilical length for flexible integration and a 10m umbilical for more complex set-ups.
  • ‘Clamp and go’ laser head brackets make set-up fast and easy as do the integrated pilot laser and focus finder.

All of these innovations combine to help make a significant increase in throughput and substantial savings.

Easy to use

Titus™ is designed to make things simple. There’s a choice of three easy-to-use and easy-to-connect interfaces:

  • FOBA MarkUS for many complex laser marking jobs.
  • FOBA Draw for general jobs and marking on the fly (MOTF).
  • FOBA Go for simple jobs and MOTF with remote connectivity.

Big laser benefits

Titus™ allows you to take advantage of all the benefits of laser marking. Which means you can forget about all the messy downsides of working with ink jets.

Laser marking food labels

With the smallest laser in the world, you can enjoy high speed marking – up to 2000 characters a second. There’s no danger of smudging – the marks are crystal clear and long lasting.

As well as being reliable, laser marking is environmentally friendly. There are no expensive ink cartridges to buy and then dispose of and no need for special cleaning of the work areas.

For full details of how the FOBA Titus™ laser will benefit your food or drink manufacturing operation, please contact