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Which Laser Welding Wire?

On paper, it sounds easy. For example, if you’re welding aluminium all you need is a laser welding wire for aluminium. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. With aluminium, there are at least 10 different wires to select from because of the varying compositions of alloy. If you were welding ferrous materials, you’d have at least 20 to choose from.

Laser welding - which wire?

Right wire, ideal weld

The closer your wire matches your material the more perfect the weld.

This produces a weld that is as hard as the base material with no chance of cracking or corrosion. The accuracy of the laser beam combined with minimal heat output delivers a high strength, non-annealed weld with virtually zero deformity or shrinkage. However, if the wire is not matching the material the benefits are diminished accordingly.

Know your material

Of course, if you know the exact composition of the alloy you’re working with, selecting the right wire is not such a problem. But with so many variations in alloys and material grades, knowing precisely what wire you require is not always straightforward.

Sometimes, it’s not just a matter of matching the material but one of trial and error – trying out wires that are close to the stated base material specification to find out which one delivers the best results.

That’s why TLM offer customers a laser wire demo pack. We’ll supply you with a range of wires that closely match your base material so that you can find out for yourself which one makes the best match.

Ask for demo pack

If you know the composition of the base material you’re working with but you’re not sure of the right wire to use, please contact and ask for a wire demo pack. Please contact the same address for information on our Quada and Lawitex ranges of guaranteed laser wires including details of material, widths and lengths and/or data sheets.

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