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Laser Welding of Plastic

Laser Plastic Welding Machines from Evosys

Laser welding plastic is cleaner, safer, more accurate and more repeatable than other more traditional methods of welding plastic components. 

We provide highly reliable laser systems for the automotive, medical technology and the consumer goods industry. Our laser welding machines can either stand alone or be integrated into your production line and are ideal for:

  • welding plastic components
  • welding plastic film
  • welding plastic parts
  • welding plastic tubing

Full Production Line Integration

Laser welding plastic

The importance of laser plastic welding continues to increase due to the many technical advantages that laser welding brings with it.

  • Contour welding - the weld seam is traced once or several times with the laser but the plastic is only melted at the point of direct laser impact before immediately solidifing again, so there is no melt expulsion.
  • Simultaneous Welding - where the entire weld seam is heated and melted by one or more beam sources simultaneously
  • Quasi-simultaneous Welding - where all areas of the weld seam are heated and melted almost simultaneously. 
  • Radial Welding - a special type of contour welding for processing radially symmetrical assemblies.

If you would like to integrate a laser plastic welding machine into your round the clock production line, we will advise you the best machine for your purposes. See below for fact sheets and specifications and please feel free to contact our sales team for more information.

Stand-alone Plastic Welding Systems

One of the more recognisable applications of plastic laser welding technology is the production of tail lights for the automotive industry.  The laser welding of these parts can be achieved using stand alone laser plastic welding equipment. 

Evosys Laser Welding

Data Sheets

  • Evo 0600 Laser welding plastic

    EVO 0600 - Laser Plastic Welding with Fixed Optics

    The EVO 0600 is a process module with fixed optics that can be equipped with different laser sources and optics. This provides far-reaching plastc welding application possibilities, especially for radially symmetrical components or for use on an X-Y axis for contour welding....

  • Evo 0700 Laser welding plastic

    EVO 0700 - Radial Plastic Welding

    The EVO 0700 is designed for machining radially symmetric components. With a movable rotation arm, even components that cannot be rotated can be safely produced. The variable angle adjustment of the arm allows complex geometries and components. ...

  • EVO Customized Plastic Welding Systems

    Customized Plastic Laser Welding Systems

    The modular approach of our process modules and integration systems enables easy integration of laser welding for plastic in your production solution. We build your request from simple manual workstations to fully automated inline solutions, including testing and assembly tasks. ...

  • Evo 0800 Laser welding plastic

    EVO 0800 – High Volume Laser Plastic Welding

    The EVO 0800 is equipped with a galvanometer scanner for the processing of large series in the high-volume range. Depending on the application, the system can be equipped with different laser sources and optics to offer a wide range of laser welding applications....

  • EVOLAP  Plastic Welding Software

    EVOLAP - Welding Process Software

    Our new process software EvoLaP for setting up laser plastic welding processes arose from our know-how paired with the wishes of our customers. Setting up processes has never been so easy and intuitive. Less complexity, hardware-independent and designed for optimal working. ...

  • Evo 2800 Laser welding plastic

    EVO 2800 - the Universal Plastic Welding Solution

    The EVO 2800 is a universal machine for laser plastic welding - especially for the processing of small and medium series. Depending on the application, the system can be equipped with different laser sources and optical modules, offering a wide range of applications. ...

If you need more information on any of our laser products please contact us