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New Cutting Edge Laser Range from Coherent

Advanced Laser Machining Centres provide fast, flexible and precise materials processing options.

TLM Laser is the UK and Ireland partner for Coherent Laser Machine Tools, in particular, Coherent’s Industrial Laser Cutters. These systems are renowned as being the most compact and flexible available. Under the META sub-brand the range has recently been relaunched to provide enhanced performance and ease of use.


The new range starts with the META 2C which supersedes the OMNIBEAM laser cutting system. Like the OMNIBEAM, the META 2C is ideal for cutting organic and non-metal materials up to a thickness of 25mm. Unlike the OMNIBEAM, the META 2C is also capable of cutting thin metals (up to ¼” steel) through its non-contact height sensing high pressure resistant cutting head option. Non-metals or thin metals, the META 2C is fast, highly precise and easy to operate with a 250W laser and a cutting area of 1.22 x 1.22m.


Next up is the META 4C. Like the META 2C it is a compact and powerful laser cutting machine, suitable for high volume and prototype manufacturing applications. It also shares the same cutting area of 1.22 x 1.22mm. With a more powerful 400W laser, the META 4C can cut numerous non-metal materials up to a thickness of 25mm and metals too, without the need of an optional extra.

Top of the Range - META 10C

With its sealed 1000W CO² Laser, the META 10C is a very powerful cutting machine. As with the other models in the META range, it can cut both non-metals and metals. Working with non-metals, it provides a stunning performance on both cutting and engraving applications. On sheet metals, it can cut cold rolled steel up to 6mm in thickness.

All of Coherent’s META laser machines are completely closed during operation and classified at Laser Safety Class 1. The three models operate with a simple user interface and job loading software to simplify set up and increase productivity.

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