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Mobile Tool & Die Repair

Time and cost efficient and easier to handle than conventional welding, laser welding is arguably the very best technique in repairing tools and dies. As pioneers of the world’s first mobile laser device back in 2003, our product partners, Alpha Laser, are very much leaders in the field.

Mobile Laser Welding

Mobile welding allows the laser to be deployed virtually anywhere. Large and heavy parts that are difficult, if not impossible to move, can be repaired wherever they stand – on site and on the spot. Today’s ALFlak lasers have expanded the capabilities of that first Alpha Laser mobile laser considerably. These high end lasers are ideal for programmable deposit welding and contour welding on large surfaces so they are especially suitable for repairs to large machines or design components and injection moulding tools and dies. With a choice of NdYAG and fiber laser configurations available with or without highly manoeuvrable caterpillar tracks, the ALFlak range is ready to meet most tool and die repair needs.

 Mobile laser welding systems

Extra-long Laser Arm

For extremely large moulds, the range is complemented by the ALFlak Max. Its extra-long laser arm has a range of almost 2.80m with a highest operating point of 2.0m and the deepest at 80cm. All ALFlak systems are characterised by high efficiency and excellent beam quality, with a small spot size minimising heat and any resultant distortion. However, where more power is required, fiber laser options are available with a choice of 300/450/600 and 900 watts.

Precision Joystick Control

Alpha Laser’s laser welding systems are specifically designed for material application. They are the perfect solution in applying millimetre-thin filler wires homogenously and crack-free. Only minor finishing is required since the deposit application is similar to the original contour.

But all this precision counts for nothing if the means of control does not match the operator’s commands. Programming the laser is too time-consuming in the case of one-off tool and die repairs so a joystick presents an ideal means of control. The problem is that accuracy and precision is often compromised when both x and y axis are required on, say, a curve or circle.

Alpha Laser has answered this interpolation problem with an intuitive joystick. The joystick provides critical control over the combined x and y axis, giving the necessary responsiveness to match the operator’s skill.

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