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The Before You Buy Laser Welding ChecklistPosted: 25 Jul 2022

The Before You Buy Laser Welding Checklist

As an entry level laser welding system, Alpha Laser’s new AL-IN system ticks all the laser welding boxes...Read more »
Whatever Your Wafer Sorting NeedsPosted: 14 Jul 2022

Whatever Your Wafer Sorting Needs

Innolas wafer sorting systems can split, merge or transfer wafers by ID, thickness or weightRead more »
Making Our Mark in the CommunityPosted: 27 Jun 2022

Making Our Mark in the Community

At TLM we’re happy to help others have a share in our success. Here are a couple of community projects we’ve supported recently.Read more »
User Specified Laser Surface PreparationPosted: 01 Jun 2022

User Specified Laser Surface Preparation

The advantages of laser cleaning are maximised through TLM’s bespoke Inhouse laser cleaning stations.Read more »
A Fresh Start for ArtCAM ProPosted: 23 May 2022

A Fresh Start for ArtCAM Pro

Carveco is the ArtCAM Pro upgrade that works with Windows 10 and 11for the design and manufacture of decorative and precision productsRead more »
Traceability Assured, Whatever the ConditionsPosted: 11 May 2022

Traceability Assured, Whatever the Conditions

Traceability requirements still apply even in the harshest of manufacturing environments. Laser marking is the way to ensure these requirements are met however demanding the circumstances.Read more »
Laser Fume Extraction - A Corner You Can’t CutPosted: 19 Apr 2022

Laser Fume Extraction - A Corner You Can’t Cut

Without fume extraction, laser operators are unprotected against harmful dust, fumes and a host of hazardous contaminants. Despite Brexit, EU regulations still apply.Read more »
Laser System Integration – The Easy WayPosted: 21 Mar 2022

Laser System Integration – The Easy Way

FOBA’s Middleware software facilitates laser marking system installation and set-up and ensures a reliable and user-friendly marking processRead more »
Laser Plastic Welding – Try Before You Buy.Posted: 05 Mar 2022

Laser Plastic Welding – Try Before You Buy.

Evosys offers a “job shop” service that allows you to see whether laser plastic welding will work for you before investing in a systemRead more »
Cartons in (literally) MinutesPosted: 09 Feb 2022

Cartons in (literally) Minutes

LasX’s innovative CartonsInMinutes® laser system processes intricate designs with no die or set up charges for optimal digital finishing and output of folding cartons.Read more »
3D Metal Printing Made Safer, More Efficient and ControllablePosted: 24 Jan 2022

3D Metal Printing Made Safer, More Efficient and Controllable

With an innovative cartridge system, Alpha Laser’s 3D metal printers make the 3D production process easy, safe and cost-efficient.Read more »
Taking the Dirty Work out of CleaningPosted: 13 Dec 2021

Taking the Dirty Work out of Cleaning

Traditional cleaning and surface preparation is dirty, messy and time consuming. The cost-saving alternative, laser cleaning, is clean, fast and chemical-free .Read more »
Re-Marking Surgical Equipment.Posted: 23 Nov 2021

Re-Marking Surgical Equipment.

After 100s of autoclave sterilisations, laser marks on reusable surgical equipment can fade. Re-marking rather than replacement can be a major cost saving.Read more »
Why MIG or TIG Can’t Beat Laser WeldingPosted: 05 Nov 2021

Why MIG or TIG Can’t Beat Laser Welding

Less distortion, higher quality, greater accuracy, superior strength…laser welding wins on all counts.Read more »
No Nonsense Organics CuttingPosted: 30 Sep 2021

No Nonsense Organics Cutting

End the experiments! With Universal Laser’s Materials Database you can get the cutting and marking parameters right - every time!Read more »
Why Ink Jet When You Can Laser?Posted: 14 Sep 2021

Why Ink Jet When You Can Laser?

The food and beverage industry traditionally uses ink jet printing to label products with expiry dates and origin information. But at what cost?Read more »
Laser Plastic Welding Made Even More EfficientPosted: 25 Aug 2021

Laser Plastic Welding Made Even More Efficient

Our product partners Evosys Laser Gmbh have patented a new advanced quasi-simultaneous welding process that makes a significant increase in efficiency.Read more »
Which Laser Tube?Posted: 08 Aug 2021

Which Laser Tube?

DC excited laser tubes are cheaper. RF excited last longer. ULS have a cost and time saving alternative.Read more »
Marking Time: from 18 to 3 HoursPosted: 15 Jul 2021

Marking Time: from 18 to 3 Hours

The FOBA M3000-P laser marker has made major productivity increases for one medical device manufacturer.Read more »
Honeycomb Laser Table: Hidden DangerPosted: 28 Jun 2021

Honeycomb Laser Table: Hidden Danger

CO² flatbed lasers often use a honeycomb table to support work pieces. Without regular care and attention this could cause a damaging fire.Read more »
Why Any Laser Won’t DoPosted: 21 May 2021

Why Any Laser Won’t Do

Some people think that all they need is a multimode fiber laser and all their laser cutting and marking needs are answered. Sadly, they are not.Read more »
Covid-19 – We’re Taking the TestsPosted: 30 Apr 2021

Covid-19 – We’re Taking the Tests

In partnership with NHS Track and Trace, we now offer Covid-19 testing to all TLM staff.Read more »
Special Prices for Education and  Existing ULS CustomersPosted: 19 Apr 2021

Special Prices for Education and Existing ULS Customers

Our product partners, Universal Laser Systems, are offering special discount prices on 50w+ systems to educational establishments and existing customers.Read more »
Dedicated to Laser SafetyPosted: 01 Apr 2021

Dedicated to Laser Safety

It’s not just operators who need protection from lasers. With a TLM laser chamber you can protect people both inside and outside your premises.Read more »
The Workstation ExtractorPosted: 02 Mar 2021

The Workstation Extractor

BOFA’s AD Base 1 Oracle laser engraving fume extractor also doubles up as a workstation for your laser engraver.Read more »
The Power to Laser Cut In-HousePosted: 17 Feb 2021

The Power to Laser Cut In-House

Bodor’s high power fiber laser cutting machines combine European standards with the economies of Chinese manufacturing at a reduced investment cost.Read more »
Laser Marking Without the Cost of a LaserPosted: 20 Jan 2021

Laser Marking Without the Cost of a Laser

Many job shops and engineering companies have an occasional laser marking need - but not enough to justify the cost of buying a laser...Read more »
EVOSYS named for Grand German AwardPosted: 08 Dec 2020

EVOSYS named for Grand German Award

Laser plastic welding specialists, Evosys Laser GmbH has been nominated for the prestigious 'Großer Preis des Mittelstandes', awarded by the Oskar Patzelt FoundationRead more »
Every Office Needs a StephPosted: 02 Dec 2020

Every Office Needs a Steph

Without Steph Gagen in our Head Office, TLM would not be the same successful company or offer the same high level of customer service.Read more »
Next Generation Software in Plastics WeldingPosted: 16 Nov 2020

Next Generation Software in Plastics Welding

With its Next Generation HMI, Evosys Laser GmbH is raising the operation and visualization of the welding process to a new level.Read more »
10 Years of Laser ServicePosted: 04 Nov 2020

10 Years of Laser Service

Dave Beavington is the longest serving member of our team of highly trained engineers. This year we celebrated his 10th year of providing the very best in customer service.Read more »
The Cutting Edge in Fiber LasersPosted: 23 Oct 2020

The Cutting Edge in Fiber Lasers

TLM join forces with BODOR, the No.1 manufacturer of laser cutting machines worldwide Read more »
Choosing Laser Safety EyewearPosted: 30 Sep 2020

Choosing Laser Safety Eyewear

To make sure your laser operators are fully protected, here are six points for operators to consider when buying laser safety eyewear.Read more »
Choosing a Laser Cleaning System?Posted: 25 Aug 2020

Choosing a Laser Cleaning System?

Here are 6 points to consider before you create the perfect manufacturing surface ...Read more »
Save more than Downtime with a PM ContractPosted: 12 Aug 2020

Save more than Downtime with a PM Contract

Our PM (Planned Maintenance) contracts can save you time and money on several frontsRead more »
Semiconductor Industry Robot and Pre-Aligner RepairPosted: 17 Jul 2020

Semiconductor Industry Robot and Pre-Aligner Repair

Robots and pre-aligners need periodic maintenance and repairs. Experience as well as expertise is essential to make sure your semiconductor process runs problem-free.Read more »
TLM Laser at the First Virtual Exhibition of Its KindPosted: 29 Jun 2020

TLM Laser at the First Virtual Exhibition of Its Kind

Made in the Midlands will hold the industry’s first virtual exhibition of its kind - an “immersive experience between the physical and digital”Read more »
Buy or Lease Your Laser?Posted: 25 Jun 2020

Buy or Lease Your Laser?

Leasing a laser for your production needs could be the answer to saving your capital and growing your business.Read more »
Laser dead? Not yet!Posted: 11 Jun 2020

Laser dead? Not yet!

TLM’s Laser Service Department is here to keep your “obsolete” laser up and running.Read more »
Affordable Top Spec Laser MarkingPosted: 08 Jun 2020

Affordable Top Spec Laser Marking

FOBA’s new Y.0200-S laser is a small, robust, high performance laser marker with an amazingly competitive price.Read more »
MDR and UDI Labeling on Medical Devices WebinarPosted: 29 May 2020

MDR and UDI Labeling on Medical Devices Webinar

What are the latest requirements of the European Medical Device Regulation (MDR) on the UDI labeling of medical devices?Read more »
EU Approves 1 Year MDR DelayPosted: 07 May 2020

EU Approves 1 Year MDR Delay

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the European Union has approved a delay to the full application of the Medical Device Regulation by one year.Read more »
Laser Etching Metals and PlasticsPosted: 22 Apr 2020

Laser Etching Metals and Plastics

Your choice of laser etching machine depends on a range of factors that vary from the material to the surface quality and the desired marking effect.Read more »
New Mobile Laser Welder Built Around User NeedsPosted: 06 Apr 2020

New Mobile Laser Welder Built Around User Needs

A combination of a wheeled base, small size and flexible arm, lenses and laser head make the new AL-CROSS a true mobile laser welding solution.Read more »
Let Your Browser do the Work with FOBA GoPosted: 25 Mar 2020

Let Your Browser do the Work with FOBA Go

New laser interface FOBA Go removes the compatibility issues caused by laser operating platform upgrades.Read more »
Laser Rust RemovalPosted: 09 Mar 2020

Laser Rust Removal

With no solvents or chemicals, rust removal by laser is consumable-free and environmentally friendly with no risk of damage to the metal beneath.Read more »
Precision Laser Marking in a Limited SpacePosted: 12 Feb 2020

Precision Laser Marking in a Limited Space

Traceability information on parts and products is often compulsory. When space is restricted, finding room for the necessary details can be a challenge.Read more »
Big Savings from Laser CladdingPosted: 29 Jan 2020

Big Savings from Laser Cladding

Using laser cladding, worn expensive parts can be brought up to spec for a fraction of the cost of a replacement.Read more »
World’s Smallest Laser HeadPosted: 14 Jan 2020

World’s Smallest Laser Head

Easier to integrate and use, FOBA’s ultra-small Titus™ laser marking head helps achieve bigger throughputs and bigger savingsRead more »
Making 3D Printing EasyPosted: 09 Dec 2019

Making 3D Printing Easy

Alpha Laser’s new AL3D-METAL combines 3D printer, unique cassette system and intuitive software to deliver the advantages of 3D printing – simply, safely, precisely and cost-effectively.Read more »
Laser Repairing Textured MouldsPosted: 12 Nov 2019

Laser Repairing Textured Moulds

Laser welding is an accurate and cost saving way to repair expensive textured moulds.Read more »
Time Saving, Abrasive-free CleaningPosted: 30 Oct 2019

Time Saving, Abrasive-free Cleaning

Laser cleaning moulds, dies, tools and parts – JETLASER cleans them all without mechanical, chemical or heat damage.Read more »
10 Part Marking Essentials for the Auto IndustryPosted: 21 Oct 2019

10 Part Marking Essentials for the Auto Industry

If you are an automotive manufacturer, here are 10 reasons why TLM Laser can answer all your part marking needs.Read more »
Laser Welding goes NuclearPosted: 30 Sep 2019

Laser Welding goes Nuclear

Repairing the nicks on a nuclear power station turbine shaft required all the precision of laser welding.Read more »
Time Saving Mould RepairsPosted: 03 Sep 2019

Time Saving Mould Repairs

Compared to TIG welding, pulsed laser welding can deliver faster repairs with minimal reduction in metal hardness.Read more »
Laser Processing SoftwarePosted: 12 Aug 2019

Laser Processing Software

Know your requirements and do your research before you make your choice of laser processing software.Read more »
Laser Welding SafetyPosted: 26 Jul 2019

Laser Welding Safety

Laser welding safety is not just a matter of safety eyewear - and run of the mill welding glasses are certainly not the answerRead more »
Laser Cladding High Wear PartsPosted: 11 Jul 2019

Laser Cladding High Wear Parts

With the latest laser cladding machines it’s now possible to rebuild high wear, high value parts, to be as good as the original. Read more »
Which Laser Welding Wire?Posted: 02 Jul 2019

Which Laser Welding Wire?

We’ll help you match the wire to your base material to give you a perfect laser weld.Read more »
When is Scrap Not Scrap?Posted: 11 Jun 2019

When is Scrap Not Scrap?

For many companies, scrap is scrap when the operator says so, but automating a visual process can create big savings.Read more »
To Mark or to Engrave?Posted: 31 May 2019

To Mark or to Engrave?

With one of today’s laser marking systems, you can mark or engrave – power, time and part wear are all factors in the decision – the choice is yours.Read more »
Fast or Fine Metal 3D Printing?Posted: 16 Apr 2019

Fast or Fine Metal 3D Printing?

With InssTek’s new modular cartridge system, you don’t have to make the choice between speed and quality 3D metal printing.Read more »
Part Modification with Vision AlignmentPosted: 08 Apr 2019

Part Modification with Vision Alignment

A design change to a laser cut part needn’t mean you have to scrap it.Read more »
Can’t Afford Gasket Guesswork?Posted: 15 Mar 2019

Can’t Afford Gasket Guesswork?

This laser cutting solution takes into account all the parameters with a unique Intelligent Materials Database.Read more »
Have You Got Anything Cheaper?Posted: 07 Mar 2019

Have You Got Anything Cheaper?

Price is, quite rightly, a major consideration for a company choosing a laser - but not if it’s the only consideration . . ..Read more »
Flexible Laser ManufacturingPosted: 14 Feb 2019

Flexible Laser Manufacturing

A multiple wavelength laser is the accurate, fast and efficient way to cut composite materials.Read more »
Making its Mark in AerospacePosted: 24 Jan 2019

Making its Mark in Aerospace

High power and high speed make the FOBA Y.1000 laser marker ideal for meeting the aero industry’s demand for robust component marking.Read more »
The Optimum Choice for 3D Printed Parts RepairPosted: 14 Jan 2019

The Optimum Choice for 3D Printed Parts Repair

More flexible and precise and with minimal heat, laser welding is the ideal solution to repairing complex and fragile 3D partsRead more »
Your Old Wafer Marking Laser is Not Dead YetPosted: 11 Jan 2019

Your Old Wafer Marking Laser is Not Dead Yet

TLM Laser have the spares and expertise to put new life into “obsolete” lasersRead more »
No laser? We’ll do  the marking for youPosted: 12 Dec 2018

No laser? We’ll do the marking for you

Our contract laser marking service is ready to fulfil your ad hoc marking needsRead more »
The Pros (and Cons) of Laser WeldingPosted: 30 Oct 2018

The Pros (and Cons) of Laser Welding

With so many advantages to laser welding it’s hard to find a drawback - although there is the high initial investment required to purchase your system . . .Read more »
LaserSharp - the Die Board AlternativePosted: 16 Oct 2018

LaserSharp - the Die Board Alternative

Lasers from packaging specialists LasX eliminate the die board disadvantages of time and cost - technology that can carry out multiple processes at high speed in a single production runRead more »
Laser Mould and Die RepairsPosted: 03 Oct 2018

Laser Mould and Die Repairs

Repairing industrial tool mould and dies is traditionally a time and labour intensive task. Long lead times leading to production delays also contribute to making such repairs extremely expensive.Read more »
New High-performance Laser Marking Software from FOBAPosted: 17 Sep 2018

New High-performance Laser Marking Software from FOBA

FOBA have announced the launch of MarkUS 2.12, an enhanced version of their high-performance laser marking software which could be a game changer in the industry.Read more »
Laser Service – So Much More Than A VisitPosted: 12 Sep 2018

Laser Service – So Much More Than A Visit

A laser service engineer’s visit alone won’t save you downtime. It’s everything else that goes with it.Read more »
Why 3D Metal Printing Keeps on GrowingPosted: 29 Aug 2018

Why 3D Metal Printing Keeps on Growing

The 3D metal printing market is still small but with a shorter value chain, low waste levels and greater design freedom, 3D metal printing is ready to revolutionise the metal industry.Read more »
Faster Tool and Die Cleaning by LaserPosted: 13 Aug 2018

Faster Tool and Die Cleaning by Laser

JETLASER can carry out a range of industrial cleaning operations – in a fraction of the timeRead more »
Make Your Laser Marking Replacement a Process EnhancementPosted: 09 Aug 2018

Make Your Laser Marking Replacement a Process Enhancement

Replacing your laser with like for like could mean you’re missing major benefits to both the manufacturing process and to industrial productivity.Read more »
Affordable Super Resolution ImagingPosted: 06 Aug 2018

Affordable Super Resolution Imaging

Microsphere technology from LIG Nanowise increases conventional microscope resolution by 4xRead more »
TLM Laser and WAF Deliver Success for Caerbont  Automotive InstrumentsPosted: 18 Jul 2018

TLM Laser and WAF Deliver Success for Caerbont Automotive Instruments

TLM Laser have supplied a FOBA M2000B Laser Marking System to Caerbont Automotive Instruments, as a result of an initial introduction through the Welsh Automotive Forum (WAF)Read more »
UDI Marking on Medical DevicesPosted: 16 Jul 2018

UDI Marking on Medical Devices

FOBA’s UDI White Paper shows you how to stay compliant with the US Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) regulations for direct part marking of medical devicesRead more »
Advanced Materials ProcessingPosted: 10 Jul 2018

Advanced Materials Processing

Through its Intelligent Materials Database, ULS can simplify laser use and increase productivity and safety.Read more »
Lasers Fumes and HealthPosted: 19 Jun 2018

Lasers Fumes and Health

Whether your laser cuts, marks, engraves or welds, it’s producing fumes that need to be extracted to protect the health of your workforce.Read more »
Laser Deposit Welding with PowderPosted: 11 Jun 2018

Laser Deposit Welding with Powder

You can now weld powder with the Alpha Laser ALFlak 900F and AL-TW 900F fiber laser systems.Read more »
Laser Packaging SolutionsPosted: 30 May 2018

Laser Packaging Solutions

LasX can supply a complete bespoke laser packaging system or contract manufacture your packaging needs.Read more »
New EU Regulations on Laser Safety EyewearPosted: 16 May 2018

New EU Regulations on Laser Safety Eyewear

Will the Personal Protective Equipment or PPE regulation (EU) 2016/425 affect how you purchase your laser safety eyewear?Read more »
Engraving Benefits of RF Excited LasersPosted: 04 May 2018

Engraving Benefits of RF Excited Lasers

Compared with DC lasers, RF excited lasers long term ROI will get your accountant excited tooRead more »
ALPHA LASER nominated for Hermes AwardPosted: 19 Apr 2018

ALPHA LASER nominated for Hermes Award

With the AL-ARM mobile laser welding system, Alpha Laser is nominated as one of the top 5 most innovative companies . . .Read more »
Laser Plastic WeldingPosted: 16 Apr 2018

Laser Plastic Welding

Why there really is no alternative to laser welding plastic - it's cleaner, faster, more precise and doesn't damage or compromise the strength of the material as much as traditional methods.Read more »
TLM at MACH 2018 ExhibitionPosted: 10 Apr 2018

TLM at MACH 2018 Exhibition

MACH 2018 at the NEC, Birmingham is the UK’s largest showcase for advanced engineering and manufacturingRead more »
Who’s Looking after Your Laser?Posted: 28 Mar 2018

Who’s Looking after Your Laser?

Laser after-sales support can be as important as your machine's performance.Read more »
Pump Diode or Fiber Laser?Posted: 13 Mar 2018

Pump Diode or Fiber Laser?

Today’s fiber lasers virtually match pump diode performance – without the hefty running costs.Read more »
3D Printing for Metal?Posted: 21 Feb 2018

3D Printing for Metal?

Metal 3D printing is poised to start a new renaissance in manufacturing. These are the questions to ask before you invest.Read more »
Bridging the Welding Skills GapPosted: 05 Feb 2018

Bridging the Welding Skills Gap

Beat the skilled staff shortage and increase productivity and quality with a laser welding system that makes the welding process simpler, faster and more accurate.Read more »
Cutting Day-Night Marking CostsPosted: 24 Jan 2018

Cutting Day-Night Marking Costs

Switching from a pump diode laser to FOBA’s M3000R fiber system reduces overheads and maintains day-night marking quality.Read more »
Welded Doors and Panels Need Reworking?Posted: 08 Jan 2018

Welded Doors and Panels Need Reworking?

AL-ARM is a hand-held laser welder designed for mobile repair welding of car body components.Read more »
New Ultrafast 100-Watt Fiber Laser Marking SolutionPosted: 02 Jan 2018

New Ultrafast 100-Watt Fiber Laser Marking Solution

For high contrast, high-speed and high-performance industrial laser marking on robust metals and plasticsRead more »
Don't be Blinded by the Light | Laser SafetyPosted: 13 Dec 2017

Don't be Blinded by the Light | Laser Safety

Do you wear laser safety glasses to prevent eye damage? And if you do, do they meet the most stringent eyewear safety standards?Read more »
TLM Expands Laser Product RangePosted: 04 Dec 2017

TLM Expands Laser Product Range

Partnership Agreement With LasX Industries a leader in high performance production class laser converting systems.Read more »
Customising the Front-endPosted: 15 Nov 2017

Customising the Front-end

TLM Laser’s customised front-end software can cut out human error for a more efficient manufacturing and production processRead more »
New Life for Old PartsPosted: 24 Oct 2017

New Life for Old Parts

Could laser cladding save you from throwing out expensive but worn out parts?Read more »
Press and Mould Tool HardeningPosted: 12 Oct 2017

Press and Mould Tool Hardening

Can your business afford the time conventional mould and die tool hardening takes when laser hardening is so much quicker?Read more »
Laser Cutting Small Parts and Thin MetalPosted: 25 Sep 2017

Laser Cutting Small Parts and Thin Metal

Are you using an artic truck to go shopping at Tesco’s? - Laser cutting problems that could be avoided with a lower powered machineRead more »
The End of Your Laser Service Nightmare?Posted: 04 Sep 2017

The End of Your Laser Service Nightmare?

Laser maintenance costs on old machines can be prohibitive but TLM has the solution for your old lasers.Read more »
Med Tech Ireland 2017Posted: 02 Sep 2017

Med Tech Ireland 2017

Med Tech Ireland 2017 New Medical Technology Device ExhibitionsRead more »
The A to Z of Unique Device Identification (UDI)Posted: 07 Aug 2017

The A to Z of Unique Device Identification (UDI)

Faycal Benayad-Cherif Ph.D from our product partners FOBA delivers chapter and verse on UDIRead more »
Reducing Automotive Recall Risk*Posted: 12 Jul 2017

Reducing Automotive Recall Risk*

TLM Director, Andy Toms, explains how a combination of vision system and laser can improve automotive industry competitivenessRead more »
Production Line Ready Laser Plastic WeldingPosted: 03 Jul 2017

Production Line Ready Laser Plastic Welding

In the automotive, medical and electronic industries, laser plastic welding is now firmly established as a high quality technology.Read more »
WaferMark System SupportPosted: 15 Jun 2017

WaferMark System Support

TLM provide expert service and spare part support to semiconductor and wafer manufacturers.Read more »
Dot Peen - A Lower Cost Marking OptionPosted: 01 Jun 2017

Dot Peen - A Lower Cost Marking Option

For hard materials and low value items, Richter’s dot peen MarkingMaster could be your cheaper alternative to laser markingRead more »
Schools Failing Extraction ExamPosted: 18 May 2017

Schools Failing Extraction Exam

Under-extraction of laser pollutants in schools, colleges and universities is creating a student health risk.Read more »
Is Your Cladding System Wearing You Down?Posted: 21 Apr 2017

Is Your Cladding System Wearing You Down?

Laser cladding offers 10%+ better wear resistance than thermal spray.Read more »
Optimised and Integrated Dot MarkingPosted: 31 Mar 2017

Optimised and Integrated Dot Marking

Richter’s BlueCube dot marking system is ideal for integration into automated production linesRead more »
Med-Tech Expo 2017Posted: 26 Mar 2017

Med-Tech Expo 2017

The showcase for manufacturing industry advances, organised by the Manufacturing Technologies Association.Read more »
Is Your Laser Welding Wire as Hard as it Should Be?Posted: 17 Mar 2017

Is Your Laser Welding Wire as Hard as it Should Be?

The extrusion process used by some wire manufacturers to convert thick laser welding wire into thinner diameters can result in loss of hardnessRead more »
Align and Verify Your Laser Marks - AutomaticallyPosted: 09 Mar 2017

Align and Verify Your Laser Marks - Automatically

Can your laser marking system check part alignment and offset the mark accordingly?Read more »
Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Show 2017Posted: 20 Feb 2017

Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Show 2017

21-23 March - FIVE, Farnborough, Hampshire Read more »
CO2 Laser Refills and RepairsPosted: 02 Feb 2017

CO2 Laser Refills and Repairs

Our CO2 refill and repair service can restore your old CO2 tubes to their original output power.Read more »
Laser Marking . . . Potatoes?Posted: 24 Jan 2017

Laser Marking . . . Potatoes?

Picking those annoying stickers off your fruit and veg could soon be a thing of the past thanks to laser marking technology.Read more »
Mobile Tool & Die RepairPosted: 16 Jan 2017

Mobile Tool & Die Repair

On-site tool repair solutions with Alpha Laser’s mobile laser welding systems, interpolation joystick and fiber laser options.Read more »
Where To See Us in 2017Posted: 03 Jan 2017

Where To See Us in 2017

2017 will see TLM Laser Ltd on show at three top industry exhibitions - Southern Manufacturing & Electronics, MedTech Expo and Medtec Ireland Read more »
Our New Dot Marking PartnerPosted: 08 Dec 2016

Our New Dot Marking Partner

We now offer innovative dot marking systems from Richter with an emphasis on integrated applications.Read more »
Integrated Laser MarkingPosted: 24 Nov 2016

Integrated Laser Marking

FOBA’s Y-Series fiber lasers are custom-made for production line integration.Read more »
Laser Plastic Welding for IntegratorsPosted: 15 Nov 2016

Laser Plastic Welding for Integrators

Based on a new integration welding head, TLM provide integrators with a complete high performance, cost-effective solution.Read more »
Laser Eyewear - Safety, Style and SavingsPosted: 19 Oct 2016

Laser Eyewear - Safety, Style and Savings

Laser safety eyewear from Univet looks good – and prices are attractive too!Read more »
Wafer Marking and Wafer SortingPosted: 03 Oct 2016

Wafer Marking and Wafer Sorting

With its low cost of ownership, laser marking is the ideal solution for silicon device traceability.Read more »
24 September 2016 DeadlinePosted: 21 Sep 2016

24 September 2016 Deadline

From 24 September 2016, all life-support and life-sustaining Class III medical devices must bear a UDI – Unique Device Identification.Read more »
TUV – the new safety benchmark?Posted: 14 Sep 2016

TUV – the new safety benchmark?

The TÜV accreditation is ahead of the rest in keeping pace with new technology.Read more »
Is Dot Marking Right For You?Posted: 01 Sep 2016

Is Dot Marking Right For You?

For low value and low throughput applications, dot marking could be an affordable alternative to laser marking.Read more »
MedTec IrelandPosted: 16 Aug 2016

MedTec Ireland

TLM Laser will be on Stand 209 at MedTec Ireland - A focused event for medical device manufacturersRead more »
The Joy of Welding ControlPosted: 03 Aug 2016

The Joy of Welding Control

A joystick is a particularly useful means of control in laser welding and is an ideal means of creating a one-off product or making a component repair.Read more »
Two Lasers in OnePosted: 18 Jul 2016

Two Lasers in One

With an optional cutting head for metal, the Coherent META 2C can save the cost of an extra laser.Read more »
The Future of Fume ExtractionPosted: 08 Jul 2016

The Future of Fume Extraction

The BOFA iQ2 fume extraction system is more efficient, cost-effective and reduces downtimeRead more »
The Ultimate Songwriting LaserPosted: 13 Jun 2016

The Ultimate Songwriting Laser

See a lightning fast laser engrave a music score on to a metal sheet and then play it!Read more »
Cutting costs in Day-Night MarkingPosted: 08 Jun 2016

Cutting costs in Day-Night Marking

The Intelligent Mark Positioning (IMP) camera system makes major reductions in scrap and tooling costs.Read more »
Laser Hybrid Welding for Automotive LightingPosted: 16 May 2016

Laser Hybrid Welding for Automotive Lighting

Laser hybrid welding for tail lamp assemblies has become a focal point of car design with large, curving free-form shapesRead more »
TLM at the PDM Exhibition 14-15 JunePosted: 05 May 2016

TLM at the PDM Exhibition 14-15 June

The TLM stand at the Plastics Design and Moulding exhibition will feature laser plastic welding products and solutions for moulding and tooling applicationsRead more »
UDI – Cutting the Cost of ConformingPosted: 26 Apr 2016

UDI – Cutting the Cost of Conforming

You could save a third of your process validation costs conforming to the FDA UDI standard on medical device markingRead more »
High Energy Efficiency Laser WeldingPosted: 18 Apr 2016

High Energy Efficiency Laser Welding

One big benefit of fiber lasers is in efficiency - only 1% of the light from a pump flashlamp system is absorbed, with fiber it’s around 25%.Read more »
Mobile Laser Hardening RobotPosted: 29 Mar 2016

Mobile Laser Hardening Robot

The AL-ROCK mobile laser hardening robot allows large and complex components and tools to be processed in situ.Read more »
3D Metal Printing Improves Implant PerformancePosted: 22 Mar 2016

3D Metal Printing Improves Implant Performance

Significant benefits in strength and porosity added to orthopaedic implantsRead more »
Laser Marking LivestockPosted: 15 Mar 2016

Laser Marking Livestock

Laser marked polyurethane ear tags are the fast way to identify agricultural animalsRead more »
Increasing cylinder head manufacturing productivityPosted: 11 Feb 2016

Increasing cylinder head manufacturing productivity

3D metal printing technology fixes steel mould service life problemsRead more »
Where to see us in 2016Posted: 21 Jan 2016

Where to see us in 2016

This year TLM Laser Ltd will be on show at four top industry exhibitions - Southern Manufacturing & Electronics, MACH Exhibition, pdm event and Medtec Ireland Read more »
Laser 3D Metal Printing with InssTekPosted: 18 Jan 2016

Laser 3D Metal Printing with InssTek

The leaders in laser-aided 3D Direct Metal Tooling add new applications to their product range.Read more »
New FOBA Y-series Fiber LaserPosted: 13 Jan 2016

New FOBA Y-series Fiber Laser

Precise and flexible the new generation of Yb fiber lasers are designed for manufacturers who need to integrate marking lasers into production systems.Read more »
Traceable Truck PartsPosted: 29 Dec 2015

Traceable Truck Parts

Laser marking system delivers 100% validation for USA air brake manufactureRead more »
Laser Systems Designed Around YouPosted: 15 Dec 2015

Laser Systems Designed Around You

Custom laser systems ready to meet specific production needsRead more »
TLM Apprentice SuccessPosted: 08 Dec 2015

TLM Apprentice Success

When we were looking to employ an Apprentice in out Bromsgrove unit we were recommended to Smart Training Read more »
Laser Plastic Welding in Medical MicrofluidicsPosted: 26 Nov 2015

Laser Plastic Welding in Medical Microfluidics

Medical microfluidic devices are designed for use at the point of care and can allow patients with chronic medical conditions to monitor themselves at home.Read more »
New Look WebsitePosted: 19 Nov 2015

New Look Website

We’ve made finding the right laser easier, whatever your industry need.Read more »
Laser Cladding for Unlimited Part LifePosted: 14 Oct 2015

Laser Cladding for Unlimited Part Life

If the part is worn but too expensive to scrap, laser cladding is the solutionRead more »
Meet the Laser Experts at Medtec 2015Posted: 29 Sep 2015

Meet the Laser Experts at Medtec 2015

Marking products precisely and permanently is an essential in the medical sector.Read more »
On the Fly Laser MarkingPosted: 16 Sep 2015

On the Fly Laser Marking

Detecting and compensating for component movement on a high speed production lineRead more »
Micromachining with Ultrafast Pulse LasersPosted: 08 Sep 2015

Micromachining with Ultrafast Pulse Lasers

Ultrafast or ultrashort pulse laser technology has been behind the development of laser micromachining for over 10 yearsRead more »
Laser Welding – Fibre or Flashlamp?Posted: 14 Aug 2015

Laser Welding – Fibre or Flashlamp?

Just like choosing a car, when you choose a laser, you first have to pick the right model for your applicationRead more »
Innovative Vision Alignment ToolsPosted: 10 Aug 2015

Innovative Vision Alignment Tools

Intelligent Mark Positioning (IMP) system is a high speed camera system that automatically detects components and work pieces and aligns the laser markingRead more »
AL-TW Work Bench with Integrated Fiber LaserPosted: 06 Aug 2015

AL-TW Work Bench with Integrated Fiber Laser

The Alpha Laser AL-TW work bench, has a very stable work bench to allow you to weld large pieces without limiting your workspace.Read more »
Laser Cutting Metal?Posted: 22 Jul 2015

Laser Cutting Metal?

To expand into laser metal cutting from organic materials, you need both power and £££s.Read more »
Laser Fume ExtractionPosted: 15 Jul 2015

Laser Fume Extraction

Lasers can create a range of toxic chemicals and harmful particulates . . .Read more »
Laser Safety is Looking GoodPosted: 12 Jun 2015

Laser Safety is Looking Good

If your laser safety eyewear does not fit or look fashionable, it will not be used.Read more »
Plastic Fantastic! Laser Plastic WeldingPosted: 04 Jun 2015

Plastic Fantastic! Laser Plastic Welding

Why laser plastic welding is the joining technology of now.Read more »
Mark of the Imposter?Posted: 20 May 2015

Mark of the Imposter?

Just because your laser is CE marked, doesn’t mean it’s safety compliant.Read more »
Plastics Design and Moulding ExhibitionPosted: 14 May 2015

Plastics Design and Moulding Exhibition

See TLM Laser at PDM on Stand C050 on 16-17 June 2015 at Telford International Exhibition CentreRead more »
A Handheld Laboratory for Laser Welding PerfectionPosted: 21 Apr 2015

A Handheld Laboratory for Laser Welding Perfection

Alpha Laser’s ElementCheck takes the guess work out of choosing the ideal welding repair material.Read more »
Fiber Laser Technology with AL FPosted: 14 Apr 2015

Fiber Laser Technology with AL F

The advantages of laser welding combined with fiber laser technology on Alpha Laser’s new systemRead more »
Unique Device Identification for Medical MarkingPosted: 05 Apr 2015

Unique Device Identification for Medical Marking

Unique Device Identification (UDI) for marking medical devices was made law in the US as part of the Food & Drugs Administration Amendment Act of 2007.Read more »
New Cutting Edge Laser Range from CoherentPosted: 27 Mar 2015

New Cutting Edge Laser Range from Coherent

Advanced Laser Machining Centres provide fast, flexible and precise materials processing optionsRead more »
The Best Laser Safety Options – Yours InstantlyPosted: 23 Mar 2015

The Best Laser Safety Options – Yours Instantly

Find the right laser safety windows and eyewear with our new online wizards.Read more »
Vision-Based Part Marking with LaserPosted: 18 Mar 2015

Vision-Based Part Marking with Laser

Insights into latest developments for optimized laser marking processes, and how manufacturers can profit from vision-based laser marking technologyRead more »
All's Weld at Southern ManufacturingPosted: 16 Mar 2015

All's Weld at Southern Manufacturing

Laser welding came into its own at this year’s Southern Manufacturing Exhibition.Read more »
Laser Cutting – Sledgehammer or Scalpel?Posted: 13 Feb 2015

Laser Cutting – Sledgehammer or Scalpel?

When the laser choice is sealed or fast flow, you could end up with a sledgehammer to crack a nut.Read more »
TLM Selected for ParliamentPosted: 31 Dec 2014

TLM Selected for Parliament

TLM Laser one of only 15 successful small and medium businesses companies invited to the Houses of Parliament.Read more »
Mobile, Tablet or Desktop - Our Website is Made for You.Posted: 16 Dec 2014

Mobile, Tablet or Desktop - Our Website is Made for You.

Visitors to the TLM Laser website using mobile phones and tablets have more than doubled every year since 2010.Read more »
Buying a Laser Welding System?Posted: 27 Oct 2014

Buying a Laser Welding System?

Five essentials you should consider if you are in the market for a laser welding system.Read more »
Eyes Right. Which Laser Safety Glasses?Posted: 23 Sep 2014

Eyes Right. Which Laser Safety Glasses?

The word LASER spells out a warning – Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation . . . .Read more »
Medtec Ireland 2014 Posted: 01 Sep 2014

Medtec Ireland 2014

Ireland’s leading event for medical device manufacturers , 1-2nd October 2104 - Radisson Ble Hotel, Galway, Ireland.Read more »
Going BIG on Mobile LasersPosted: 18 Jul 2014

Going BIG on Mobile Lasers

In skilled trades the switch to laser technology has been slow in coming as manual skills often do the job faster than programming a laser . . . Read more »
5 Essentials for Choosing a Laser Marking SystemPosted: 15 Jul 2014

5 Essentials for Choosing a Laser Marking System

With such a wide range of laser types and technologies, finding the right laser marking system can be a bit of a minefield . . .Read more »
Productive LED Wafer Marking Posted: 26 Jun 2014

Productive LED Wafer Marking

LED and semiconductor marking using diode pumped solid state (DPSS) Nd:YAG lasers can be a problemRead more »
CO2 Laser Tubes with 5 Years Peace of MindPosted: 08 May 2014

CO2 Laser Tubes with 5 Years Peace of Mind

There are a lot of cheap CO2 tubes out there. But the trouble with lasers is that cheap is not always cheerful.Read more »
A Cost-Cutting Diamond LaserPosted: 02 May 2014

A Cost-Cutting Diamond Laser

Breakthrough Diamond E250 laser - compact and flexible with the processing capabilities of a laser twice its sizeRead more »
Plastics Design and Moulding Exhibition Posted: 01 May 2014

Plastics Design and Moulding Exhibition

The pdm exhibition is specifically aimed at the design and moulding aspects of the plastics industry. 18-19th June at the Telford International CentreRead more »
TLM Success at MACH 2014Posted: 26 Apr 2014

TLM Success at MACH 2014

The TLM Laser stand saw visitors from many industry sectors at the MACH Exhibition at the NEC Birmingham on 7-11 April.Read more »
Laser Windows at Win/Win PricesPosted: 26 Mar 2014

Laser Windows at Win/Win Prices

Laser viewing windows allow you to see into the laser environment whilst preventing any damaging laser radiation from escaping out. Read more »
Cost Saving Servicing for SchoolsPosted: 07 Mar 2014

Cost Saving Servicing for Schools

For servicing school Design & Technology Department lasers, you can't beat TLM Laser. At prices that start at just £200, our service visits are among the most competitive around.Read more »
Laser Plastic Welding leaders join TLM teamPosted: 20 Feb 2014

Laser Plastic Welding leaders join TLM team

Laser Plastic Welding is set to become the major growth area in the laser market. TLM Laser announce a partnership with the world market leaders - LPKFRead more »
TLM Laser at Mach Show 2014 Posted: 19 Feb 2014

TLM Laser at Mach Show 2014

MACH 2014 is the UK’s largest event for Manufacturing Technologies where more than 20,000 visitors will see some 500 exhibitors over 5 daysRead more »
Southern Manufacturing Exhibition 2014Posted: 31 Jan 2014

Southern Manufacturing Exhibition 2014

The UK's LARGEST exhibition for electronics production, sourcing and subcontracting in 2014 - 12-13th Feb Read more »
BOFA to spend £500,000 on R&D ActivitiesPosted: 19 Dec 2013

BOFA to spend £500,000 on R&D Activities

Winner of the Queens Award for Enterprise, BOFA International is set to spend £500,000 on R&D Activities this year.Read more »
Faster Throughput and Higher AccuracyPosted: 12 Sep 2013

Faster Throughput and Higher Accuracy

New laser cutting platform provides improved performance and greater ease-of-use.Read more »
Laser Assisted Processes for Tool ManufacturingPosted: 07 Sep 2013

Laser Assisted Processes for Tool Manufacturing

Laser Assisted Processes for Tool Manufacturing The advantages of using laser technology for surface treatment in tool making and mould construction.Read more »
BOFA Enhanced Fume ExtractionPosted: 15 Aug 2013

BOFA Enhanced Fume Extraction

BOFA’s AD 1000 is a high end laser fume extraction system that combines a very large filter capacity with high airflow and pressure rates designed for heavy duty applications.Read more »
Element CheckPosted: 26 Jul 2013

Element Check

Element Check is a new manual measuring device from Alpha Laser designed to determine elements of a material - immediately!Read more »
Overlap Welding with a LaserPosted: 28 May 2013

Overlap Welding with a Laser

Overlap welding with a laser is faster than traditional welding and can be adapted for miniature welded bonds as well as large objects.Read more »
TLM Laser ‘Company of the Month'Posted: 16 May 2013

TLM Laser ‘Company of the Month'

Industrial Process News announce TLM Laser as their selected Laser Marking ‘Company of the Month'. Industrial Process News is a trade magazine published in print and online and circulates to 15,000 readers a month.Read more »
Day/Night MarkingPosted: 16 Apr 2013

Day/Night Marking

Day/Night Marking can be seen in most modern vehicle dashboards as they are easy to read during the day, while at night instruments and controls are softly illuminated . . .Read more »
Laser Workstation M1000, M2000 & M3000Posted: 14 Mar 2013

Laser Workstation M1000, M2000 & M3000

New FOBA Workstations for Laser Marking

Compact laser workstations designed for high-quality laser marking of components and batches . . .Read more »
Laser Marking for Medical SuppliesPosted: 14 Mar 2013

Laser Marking for Medical Supplies

The medical sector uses laser marking for medical supplies such as hearing aids, implants, instruments and medicines to provide reliability and precisionRead more »
Flange WeldingPosted: 15 Jan 2013

Flange Welding

One of the main advantages of laser welding is that the flanges on the two pieces to be joined can be smaller.Read more »
The Jewellery Show 2013Posted: 18 Dec 2012

The Jewellery Show 2013

Join us at the 2013 Jewellery Show at the NEC in Birmingham on 3rd - 7th February. The UK’s leading jewellery trade event with over 20,000 visitors expected . . .Read more »
Butt Welding with a LaserPosted: 10 Dec 2012

Butt Welding with a Laser

Laser welding is a faster, cleaner and cheaper way to butt weld - the most common type of weld used to fit together pieces of sheet metal and pipe work.Read more »
Southern Manufacturing Exhibition 2013Posted: 14 Nov 2012

Southern Manufacturing Exhibition 2013

TLM Laser News EventRead more »
Royal Honours for BOFAPosted: 14 Nov 2012

Royal Honours for BOFA

Fume extraction specialists BOFA have been awarded with the Queen's Award for Enterprise 2012 by HRH The Duke of Kent.Read more »
Laser Marking in the Motor IndustryPosted: 26 Oct 2012

Laser Marking in the Motor Industry

Lasers mark a large variety of components in the motor industry. Easily readable texts, numbers, bar codes, 2-D matrix codes, day/night marking and company logos are standard marks on engine components, switches, VIN plates and vehicle glass.Read more »
Laser WeldingPosted: 16 Oct 2012

Laser Welding

A laser beam is strong enough to cut through a variety of materials giving the laser many industrial applications - welding being one. Welding is the process of fusing together two materials using heat - and lasers require a low heat input compared with other welding processes . . .Read more »
Laser CuttingPosted: 13 Sep 2012

Laser Cutting

At TLM Laser Ltd we specialise in industrial lasers for welding, marking and engraving as well as cutting.Read more »
MM LIVE, MEMS LIVE and NANO LIVEPosted: 12 Jul 2012


The growing trend toward product miniaturisation has seen MM LIVE, MEMS LIVE and NANO LIVE grow to become one of Europe’s largest annual exhibitions and conferences focusing on micro, precision, nano and MEMS manufacturing technologies.Read more »
BOFA wins The Queen’s Award for EnterprisePosted: 06 May 2012

BOFA wins The Queen’s Award for Enterprise

The Queen's Awards for Enterprise are given for outstanding achievement by UK businesses in the categories of Innovation, International Trade and Sustainable Development.Read more »
Laser Marking - A Basic GuidePosted: 16 Apr 2012

Laser Marking - A Basic Guide

Laser marking has become an essential process for many companies for a variety of tasks.Read more »
Refill service on DC CO<sub>2</sub> tubes availablePosted: 27 Mar 2012

Refill service on DC CO<sub>2</sub> tubes available

TLM are pleased to announce that we can now offer a refill service on Chinese glass DC CO2 tubes from 20-140 watt for £500.00+VAT per tube.Read more »
Register for MACH 2012Posted: 12 Jan 2012

Register for MACH 2012

TLM Laser at the NEC

The International Forum for Micro, Precision, MEMS &amp; Nano Manufacturing


MM Live show, 25-26 September 2012. Hall 3, The National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham - Stand H17

Read more »
TLM Laser appoints new Sales ManagerPosted: 26 Jul 2011

TLM Laser appoints new Sales Manager

TLM laser Ltd have appointed Tony Dain as their new sales manager for the UK and Ireland, bringing with him 17 years of sales experience in the industrial laser marketRead more »
MEDTEC Ireland - 5-6th OctPosted: 24 Nov 2010

MEDTEC Ireland - 5-6th Oct

TLM Laser will be at MEDTEC Ireland on the 5-6th October at the Radisson Blu SAS Hotel Cork Ireland, we will be on Stand 311 exhibiting FOBA, Alltec and Univet productsRead more »
MM Live show - 27th-29th SepPosted: 24 Nov 2010

MM Live show - 27th-29th Sep

TLM Laser will be at the MM Live show at the NEC 27th-29th September on stand D41 exhibiting FOBA, Alltec and Univet products.Read more »