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AL-IN Entry-level Laser Welding System

The entry level laser welding system with expert level welding results

The AL-IN system consists of a 150W or 200W laser for welding all common metals, a lifting column with X, Y and Z travel and a control unit for the axes. You can use the integrated touch panel to teach surfaces, access apps for rotary components or to control an optional wire feed system.

AL-IN laser welder

Powerful - the system consists of 150 W or 200 W laser for welding all common metals.

Affordable - the entry level price point makes this laser welding system the ideal option for beginners and experienced laser welding technicians alike.

Robust - the AL-IN is a robust and extremely flexible laser system for welding of small and large components.

Easy to use - its simplicity allows for fast training and ability to begin producing components immediately. 

Professional results  - produces high-quality, professional looking welds.

Expansion options - optionally, you can get expansions such as: tilt and turn optics, the patented multifunction foot switch, an ergo wedge, an axis of rotation, and a wire feed system. 

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