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Laser System Integration – The Easy Way

You need to integrate a custom-built laser machine with X, Y and Z axes and a rotary (swivel) unit.

Alternatively, you have an automated production line with a motorised Z-axis for adjusting different working distances  for several products and need to integrate a laser into the line.

On paper, neither task is easy. But with FOBA’s Middleware software package it can be.  And on top of that, all the relevant laser marking parameters can be centrally controlled.

Simple and cost-effective

With FOBA Middleware, marking contents, laser parameters, axis positions and (with a FOBA Laser fitted with optional camera) the camera control – all the relevant marking parameters can be combined in one laser job.

Laser marking system installation software

A TCP/IP connector is all that’s required for the PLC.

The PLC is connected to the second network interface from the PC to the laser. The first interface is used for the connection between laser and PC.

To make job set-up simpler, the software enables you to use FOBA’s MarkUS graphical user interface.

The laser is easily integrated into the production process without the need of separate PLC programs to control the laser and other machine components such as axis position.

What’s included

The FOBA Middleware integration package includes:

  • PC software for generic axis interface
  • PLC S7 sample program
  • Documentation
  • USP stick software

The package requires your PC’s configuration to meet FOBA requirements.

You will need a basic FOBA system with FOBA MarkUS compatibility.

You will also need FOBA MarkUS version 2.12.60 or higher (for Quadcore boards, MarkUS 2.13.1 or higher).

Future proof and flexible

FOBA Middleware software works with the machine hardware of your choice – PLC, axes, motors, rotary/swivel unit, machine door, rotary table, etc..

How accurate your integrated system’s set point will depend on the components used by your laser machine’s manufacturers.

The FOBA MarkUS interface can specify accuracies of 1 micrometre for the linear axes and 1 microdegree for the rotary/swivel unit.

For further information about the FOBA Middleware integration package, questions about the implementation of your integration solution  and details on how we can tailor the package to meet your individual requirements,  please contact