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Laser Hardening in Mechanical Engineering

      printing machines packaging machines     Cam Mechanism     3D Free Form Surfaces of Cam Tracks
            Shafts     Working Areas of Plate Embossings
                  Cutting Contour on Cutting Roll
                  Bearing Carrier
      Drive Engineeering     Transfer Elements     Rope Channels of Scroll Gears
            Linear Drives     Slide Faces for Workpiece Guidance
      Textile Machines     Thread Guide      
      Plant Construction and Special Engineering     Valve Seats, Valve Needles      
Laser Hardening as Wear Protection in Mechanical Engineering              
            Industrial Cutters     Cutting Edges
                  Clamping Areas
            Spiral Conveyors      
            Hydraulic cylinders      
      Machine Tools     Slide Guideway of Bedway      
            Limit Stop Areas for Tool Changes      
            Milling Tools, Lathes, Drills     Contact Surface for Indexable Cutting Inserts
                  Contact Surface for Swarf
            Toothed Gearing     Bearing Carrier
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