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3D Printing for Metal?

Metal 3D printing is poised to start a new renaissance in manufacturing. For a whole range of different industries, the benefits are mouth-watering and here’s why. For a start, printing in metal is reliable with consistent results. It is ideal in creating strong and lightweight objects so it is a potential boon for industries such as aerospace. Waste is minimal and last but not least, 3D metal printing can print unique, complex structures that cannot be made through casting.

3D printing metal

Points to Consider

There are several types of metal 3D printing with an array of systems to match. Choosing the wrong sort of printer could deliver drawbacks that may offset the advantages. So when the time comes to choose your 3D metal printing system, make sure you have answers to these four questions:

  • Will you be tied to one supplier for powder and other consumables?
  • Will you need support structures to integrate into the process; structures that need to be drawn with you CAD/CAM software?
  • Will the finished metal objects prove to be crystalline when cross-sectioned?
  • Will the process be extremely time consuming?

If the answer is YES to any of these questions, then our product partner InssTek can offer you a solution.

Direct Metal Tooling

InssTek’s solution is its patented Direct Metal Tooling (DMT®) technology. This technology is based on the powder bed fusion process and is classified as Directed Energy Deposition Technology by ASTM. Through InssTek’s DMT®, the answers to your four questions are as follows:

  • You can enjoy the economic benefits of using any commercially available metal powder (subject to specification).
  • You can print large and complex-shaped products with no need for support structures.
  • Printing with DMT® can provide 100% mechanical properties through fully dense and very fine microstructures.
  • Printing at rates of up to 3 Kg an hour makes InssTek systems among the fastest (if not the fastest) systems on the market.

 InssTek’s DMT® technology is not the only reason to consider the company’s laser-aided Direct Metal Tooling 3D Printers. InssTek’s corporate motto is “easy and simple to use” and the company prioritises making products that are easy and versatile to operate.

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