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The Future of Fume Extraction

TLM Laser’s product partner, BOFA, is a renowned leader in fume extraction technology. In 2012, the company introduced its ground-breaking iQ fume extraction range. For the first time, users were able to monitor real time performance and access system data to allow speedy and efficient filter replacement and system maintenance.

The new iQ2 operating system takes these advantages several steps further.

BOFA iQ2 Fume Extraction

Multiple performance enhancements provide even greater extraction efficiency and a combination of individual filter status monitoring and integral design features delivers lower running costs. Unplanned filter changes are minimised significantly so reducing expensive downtime.

Available in three versions

The iQ2 operating system is designed around BOFA’s flagship fume extraction model, the AD Oracle. The system incorporates a large colour touch screen display and complete system pressure monitoring along with a host of there new features. These include:

  • SmartNav screen navigation
  • System interfacing
  • Easy integration into existing systems
  • Automatic software updates
  • Independent filter condition monitoring
  • Real time airflow reading and set point
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Extraction running indicator
  • Warning and alarm icons
  • Remote diagnostics
  • “Black Box” event log
  • Remote configuration
  • Performance evaluation and presentation graphs

iQ2 is offered in three versions, each providing an increased level of control and options for accessing information. They are:

Standard – USB Interface

All the iQ2 features with USB downloadable high resolution event log for filter efficiency, system analysis and fault correction.

Advanced – Field Bus Connectivity

Connects to a factory field bus/PLC network allowing constant monitoring and control of the extraction system. Complete data sets can be streamed for detailed performance analysis.

Advanced – Cloud-based Connectivity

An industry first, this iQ2 version allows worldwide remote monitoring of multiple locations directly from the Cloud service app or web portal. Extraction systems can be monitored and controlled remotely with information instantly accessed to enure fast response times and reduced downtime.

The new generation fume extraction operating system, the BOFA iQ2, is now available from TLM. For enquiries and further information, please contact