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Laser Engraving Machines

Our industrial laser engraving machines can provide a range of services including deep engraving, three-dimensional laser engraving, micro engraving, smoothing and laser frosting:

  • Deep Engraving - in deep laser engraving, deep markings are made through repeated removal of material layers.
  • 3D Engraving - three-dimensional laser engraving involves three-dimensional, layer-wise material removal which is executed depending on the component geometry. This process can also be used to engrave complex products such as minting dies or embossing stamps and tools. 
  • Micro Engraving - micro laser engraving is used if tools used for minting coins or for manufacturing jewelry need to be marked with fine filigree structures.
  • Laser Smoothing - to improve the surface quality and a longer lifetimes of tools, areas that are previously three-dimensionally engraved can be smoothened using a laser.  
  • Matting - laser matting or 'frosting' involves direct materials processing of the end product or the embossing tool to achieve optical effects.

Engraving Machines from FOBA

Laser engravingLaser engraving machines allow the controller to trace patterns onto a surface which vary depending on the intensity, speed of movement, and spread of the beam. Laser engraving is often the first choice when it comes to the identifing of medical devices, implants and surgical instruments.

Laser engraving metal Laser engraving medical devices

For stand-alone operation in laser class 1 we offer turn-key laser engraving machines as manual work stations or customised solutions. Laser engraving systems of the Vario series are modular designed and can be equipped according to your requirements with different working areas. Starting from a fixed work table with a pneumatic lifting door to a rotating table with a turning bulkhead wall or customer-specific special machine.

Our laser engraving systems are supplemented by a wide selection of accessories and options and the laser control software Markus.


MarkUS is FOBA‘s graphic design and high-performance laser marking software for the convenient creation of high quality and highly precise laser markings. MarkUS is compatible with the majority of FOBA’s laser marking systems and machines, and is available in English, German, Spanish, French and Italian. Other languages such as Chinese will follow soon.

FOBA Laser Products

Foba M series

The new FOBA M Series laser marking video

Optimum Laser Engraving

Based on your requirements we can design your optimum laser engraving unit. Also see Contract Laser Marking


  • m1000 laser engraving


    FOBA M1000 has been designed for use with our high-quality laser markers for small to medium sized parts using fiber lasers Y.0100, Y.0200, Y.0300, Y.0201, Y.0301, Y.0500...

    M1000 »

  • m2000 laser engraving


    Avaialable in three variants M2000B- Basic, M2000R-Rotation and M2000P Position ...

    M2000 »

  • m3000 laser engraving


    Avaialable in three variants M3000B- Basic, M3000R-Rotation and M3000P Position...

    M3000 »