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3D Laser Printers

3D laser printing or more specifically, laser-aided Direct Metal Tooling (DMT) is a 3D metal printing technology that produces complex and functional 3D metal parts and structures using high power laser and commercially available metal powders. According to the standard of ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), DMT technology is to be categorized as `Directed Energy Deposition`. But whatever it is called it provides a big range of technical solutions for manufacturing businesses.

Using Insstek 3D Laser Printers to Print Metal

InssTek 3D Laser Printers to print metal

MX series is a brand name of the InssTek’s DMT 3D laser printers with various functions for metal 3D laser printing processes

InssTek's 3D laser printers have all the features and technologies that allow customers to use DMT technology. Following the motto "easy & simple to use" InssTek strive to make operations easier but more versatile. The product range can be divided into 3 groups - DMT 3D metal printers, Special Purpose DMT Machines and DMT Engineered Machines

InssTek 3D Laser Printers, 3D visualisation of operation

The insides of a 3D Printer that prints metal objects using lasers and metal powders

InnsTek's Laser-aided Direct Metal Tooling 3D Printers

  • printing/mx-250	entry level 3d metal printer

    Small 3D Laser Printers

    MX series is a brand name of the InssTek’s DMT 3D metal printers with various functions for 3D metal printing processes. The MX 400 is the entry level machine with a 500W Ytterbium Fiber Laser....

    Small 3D Laser Printers »

  • a 3D printer for small and medium sized metal

    Medium 3D Laser Printers

    A DMT® 3D printer for small & medium sized metal products. The machine boasts 3 and 5 axis options and comes with a 1 kW Ytterbium Fiber Laser....

    Medium 3D Laser Printers »

  • Large 3D Laser metal printer

    Large 3D Laser Printers

    InssTek can provide standard or bespoke machines that will print your metal commponents in up to a 4 cubic meter working envelope. ...

    Large 3D Laser Printers »

  • Hip replacement joint cladding laser

    Medical 3D Metal Engineering

    DMT® 3D metal printer for cladding orthopedic implants with a 500W Ytterbium Fiber Laser....

    Medical 3D Metal Engineering »

  • 3d laser metal printing on your desktop

    DMT® Desktop Metal 3D Printers

    Developed for the production of small metal parts, InnsTek has launched the first 3D Metal printer that will sit on your Desktop!...

    DMT® Desktop Metal 3D Printers »

  • Entry level 3D metal printing

    AL 3D Metal

    The AL 3D printer is designed for the production of finest, complex geometries by using a very fine laser spot....

    AL 3D Metal »