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Laser Cladding Machines

Direct Metal Deposition

Cladding is the deposition of materials on a base part for the purpose of enhancing mechanical properties of the base material.

Laser cladding

Using a laser cladding nozzle on Alpha AL Machines

Using the Fraunhoffer nozzle the AL-TW 900 the AL-FLAK 900 and the AL ROCK can be used for cladding. The Alpha laser cladding setup will give you a powder efficiency of up to 98% and a deposition rate of up to 500g/h

This combination of mobility and cladding offers a unique opportunity to fix and maintain large machinery and moulds with minimal down time.

Laser Cladding System Advantages

  • Large area and high deposition rate cladding –rates of 500g/hr. possible
  • Minimal pre and post processing required
  • Precision control
  • Wall plug efficiency >50% => low operating cost
  • High-resolution process with the ability to deposit thin clad layers of 0.3Ø thickness
  • Minimal maintenance requirements

Industry Applications

  • Oil and Gas Industry Components
  • Water Walls and Tanks
  • Hard Facing of Valve Seats
  • Bearing Shafts
  • Bearing Seats, Cylinder Liners and Pins
  • Hydraulic Shafts
  • Mining Equipment
  • Forestry and Agricultural Equipment
  • Remanufacturing
  • Laser welding systems ALM 200 and ALM 250

    ALM 200 & ALM 250

    Suitable for joining and cladding on moulds, chassis and mechanical parts of any size, particularly for big moulds...

    ALM 200 & ALM 250 »

  • Laser welding ALFLAK System


    Flexible Laser for cladding and contour welding. Operated either manually or is programmable, with a slim line arm making it ideal for difficult molds. A long axis range allows for seams of up to 500m to be completed without interruption. Available with or without caterpillar track, incredible maneuverability, yet still strong and robust....

    ALFLAK »

  • The AL- ROCK is the world’s first mobile robot for targeted laser hardening of metal surfaces.


    The mobile AL-ROCK laser robot is the ideal tool for targeted partial hardening of metallic surfaces or cladding using direct metal deposition...

    AL-Rock »

If you need more information on any of these laser machines or you would like help integrating them into your production environment, please contact us