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Let Your Browser do the Work with FOBA Go

The very nature of IT is one of continuous evolution. On the upside, this means that the power and performance of each new generation of products is, more often than not, a significant improvement. On the downside are the incompatibility issues the upgrades in operating platforms can create.

New upgrades can prove to be expensive. They can lead to unwanted and unbudgeted investment into new computer systems, peripherals and software – just to maintain productivity.

Any browser, any device

FOBA Go is a laser user interface with browser-enabled Touch Control.

This Linux-based remote laser software can:

  • be operated by any PC, touch display, tablet or any other mobile device including your phone.
  • work with any web browser - Google, Firefox, Safari, TCT, etc.. All industrial communication protocols are compatible.
  • be accessed wirelessly or on a passive touch screen with the powered HDMI output on the back of the power supply.

Foba Go laser interface

Another useful feature is for multiple lasers which you can control using several tabs on a single web browser. 

If and when your choice of operating system decides to upgrade and possibly remove support from your current platform, it may affect your office systems.

With FOBA Go, it won’t affect your laser!

Small and simple

FOBA Go is the perfect laser interface for simple marking jobs and, with remote connectivity, laser Marking on the Fly (MOTF).

It is also an ideal partner to the newly launched smallest laser head in the world, FOBA TITUS as well as FOBA’s new entry level fiber system, the Y.0200-S.

The TITUS laser head is up to 90% smaller in size and weight than other laser heads. This small size makes it incredibly easy to integrate and fit into existing manufacturing lines. It opens up new opportunities for laser marking, cutting installation time and costs.

Other advantages include straight (0º) and turned (90º) beam exit options, clamp’n go laser head brackets and an integrated focus finder for speedy focus adjustment. There’s also a pilot laser for job simulation and the option of an extra-long 10m umbilical for even more flexibility. 

High speed answer

Available with 20 Watts output power, the FOBA Y.0200.S fiber laser provides increased productivity and flexibility through several enhanced features. It’s designed to meet demanding production schedules, especially in the electronics, automotive and metal and plastics processing industries.

There’s a choice of a 6mm marking head for high speed production or a 10mm head for parts marking with fine detail. With the 6mm head, marking speeds of 1,300 characters per second can be achieved depending on the application. With marking speeds of up to 1,000 characters a second, the 10mm marking head provides a flexible option.

For further information and full details of the browser-based, upgrade issue-free FOBA Go interface, the super small, easy to integrate TITUS laser head and the entry level, high productivity FOBA Y.0200S Fiber Laser,  please contact