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Laser Spare Parts

We carry a wide range of laser spare parts including electrical spares, optics, lamps, boards, extraction, water fittings, safety spares and tooling, some of which are listed below.

To Download the individual spare parts lists in PDF format, click on the links below.

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  • Electrical Spare Parts


    Electrical spare parts including temperature controllers, stabilisers, power supplies, switches, modules, relays and more. ...

    Electrical »

  • Laser Optics Spares


    Output couplers, mirrors, Q'Switches, attenuators and polarizers....

    Optics »

  • 1 Laser Component Parts


    Flow tubes, socket assemblies, rod assemblies, O'rings, contact blocks, diodes and more....

    Laser »

  • spare laser lamps


    Quantronix,Rofin Baasel, Spectron, Alpha Laser lamps and more....

    Lamps »

  • Spare Boards


    MAT boards and upgrades, driver boards, interface boards and more....

    Boards »

  • general Laser Spares


    Vacuum sensors, end effectors, trap doors, blower motors, base plates and more....

    General »

  • water coolant pump and filtration for laser machines

    Water fittings

    Omnipure, Lee Laser, HyMark, chillers, filters, pumps and more. ...

    Water fittings »

  • tooling spares


    Tool kits, power meters, mirror grippers, cartridge sleeves, lamp extractors, contact extractors and more....

    Tooling »

  • PC hardware and software for machine control and management

    PC Hardware and Software

    Rackmount PCs, displays, memory cards & chips and more....

    PC Hardware and Software »