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Ideal Choice for On-Site Laser Cleaning

Using the latest precision pulse laser technology, Advanced Laser Cleaning (ALC) offer a nationwide on- and off-site service to a vast range of industries – from aerospace to offshore rigs, automotive to nuclear.

Weighing up a raft of benefits including UK service and support, product advantages and price, the company has recently chosen TLM to supply a JETLASER portable handheld cleaning system.


As ALC customers are all too aware, laser cleaning has many advantages over traditional methods.

Because the process is contact-free there’s no damage to substrates, moulded goods benefit from improved appearance and tool life is extended. As a dry process, cross contamination, downtime and clean up are all but eliminated. Less consumables are used and operating costs reduced.

laser cleaning

With laser cleaning, product lifetime is improved and replacement costs cut through having equipment restored to its near to original performance capability.

All-round flexibility

Laser cleaning can be used on ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces.

Key applications include mould cleaning in rubber and injection moulding, removal of rust, oil and grease, pre-weld and post-weld seam cleaning and paint removal among many others.

Handheld portability

With its on-site service offering, a JETLASER manual and mobile laser cleaning system proved an ideal fit for ALC.

The handheld and ergonomically designed portable systems only require an electric power supply point and they’re ready for use.

ALC’s expert laser technicians are highly trained with the appropriate certification of laser conformity as well as health and safety qualifications.

However, with cleaning parameters able to be selected in seconds using intuitive slides on a touch panel interface, ACL technicians’ skills will not be stretched. JETLASER systems are particularly easy to use. Operators or technicians simply have to choose the laser spot fluence, the overlap of laser pulses and adjust the length of the cleaning line projected on the surface.

With JETLASER’s advantages of portable, handheld single phase, air-cooled, ergonomic, easy to use laser cleaning and TLM’s renowned benefits of value for money backed by UK wide service and support, ALC’s new purchase is set to enhance the growth of an already successful enterprise.

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