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TLM Laser & FOBA Celebrate Collaboration with Irish Academia

TLM Laser along with supplier partner FOBA have collaborated with the Technological University of Shannon (TUS) in Limerick to install a new M2000 laser marking system situated in their state-of-the-art workshop.

TUS collaboration

This system will aid in bridging the gap between industry and academia and help the development of young engineering students who are set to be the future of UK and Ireland’s manufacturing industries.

Supporting Educational Institutes

Here at TLM Laser, we understand the importance of building a better future for the success of our manufacturing industries as well as educating future generations of engineers and supporting the UK economy. The key to this is investment, and there is no better place to start that investment than in the universities where the youth of today are set to become the experienced engineers of tomorrow.


Our Director, Andy Toms echoed this when he stated that the students in the TUS workshop are going to become “the success stories” of the future.

The Kick-Off Event

In honour of this progressive new collaboration between the three brands, TLM, FOBA and TUS, it was decided we would host a kick-off event on the week of installation.

We announced that it would be a day of networking, system learning and sharing of future prosperity plans. An event where Irish medical manufacturing businesses and students would be in the same room to celebrate the essence of this forward-thinking collaboration.

On the day we shared refreshments and discussions about the advancement of marking within the medical manufacturing sector. Students and businesses had access to some of the best minds in the industry getting the opportunity to connect with the likes of TLM Director, Andy Toms, FOBA’s Global Vertical Manager of Medical, Christian Söhner and TLM Service Engineer, Dave Beavington. Along with TUS’s president Vincent Cunnane and lecturer Ciaran O'Loughlin this was an event not to be missed.

Kick-off Event with TLM, FOBA and TUS

With presentations from the above-mentioned Vincent, Andy and Christian there was an inspiring message of “growth” throughout. The medical manufacturing market is expanding and together our organisations and the students at TUS Limerick all have the opportunity to be at the forefront of this developing market.

Along with refreshments and presentations one of TLM’s highly skilled Service Engineers, Dave Beavington was on hand to demonstrate the FOBA M2000’s marking capabilities. He spent time showing students the system they will be using in the future, and Irish businesses how FOBA can revolutionise their manufacturing operations.

FOBA M2000

The FOBA M2000 is an advanced laser marking system designed for precise, safe and traceable marking on various materials within the medical industry. While It offers versatility for medical devices it also has many applications for automotive, aerospace, and plenty of other industries.

FOBA M2000 advanced laser marking system

With its high-speed marking capabilities and customisable parameters, the M2000 ensures consistent and durable markings, exceeding industry standards. The system integrates user-friendly software for easy operation and supports a range of marking techniques.

Its compact design and robust construction make it suitable for industrial environments, providing reliability and longevity.

If you would like to talk to us about implementing the FOBA M2000 in your manufacturing operations, then contact us on or 01527 959099