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A Fresh Start for ArtCAM Pro

Autodesk ArtCAM Pro may no longer be available for purchase but it’s not dead yet.

In fact, this relief modeller continues to be used in coin and medal production on behalf of many of the world’s currencies. It is also used by many other industries including the jewellery, sign making, greetings card design sectors  - anywhere that requires relief modelling.

However, being well over a decade old ArtCAM Pro now carries a major downside – it is not compatible with Windows 10 and 11. New PCs and other platforms do not support it so, as things stand, its days are numbered.

Then along came Carveco.

Built on a legacy

After Autodesk’s decision to discontinue the ArtCAM product line, a small, dedicated team has been working on its legacy and developing advanced ArtCAM technologies for the future.

Carveco is the result of their endeavours.

Carveco relief modelling image

Carveco is the all-in-one software solution for the design and manufacture of decorative and precision products for a variety of applications. Here, class-leading design tools are combined with formidable product features in the same easy to use format ArtCAM Pro was renowned for.

All-round compatibility

Carveco software can read PDF files directly, extracting the design from images and vectors and splitting them into individual layers. You can begin crafting designs by working directly with the software whether you’re using hand-drawn sketches or pre-drawn 2D vector artwork.

Carveco software doesn’t only support PDF but also works with the most common vector and bitmap formats including EMS, BMP, JPG, TIFF and GIF.

All original layer information can be saved in DXF, DWG and AI files.

3D Design Tools

The software’s 3D design tools are powerful and easy to use.

Intuitive tools allow detailed 3D pieces to be quickly crafted using flexible starting points. Designs can be created from scratch, built from vector artwork or assembled from imported triangle or surface models.

The laser connection

As with its ArtCAM Pro predecessor, Carveco is laser cutting and engraving’s perfect partner. This is because it provides all the control necessary to ensure that designs are manufactured to specification – exactly.

Carveco software can prepare designs for other precision manufacturing methods including routing wood and creating moulds or press tools. However, its natural synergy with laser production has made it an ideal product partner for us here at TLM.

If you have enjoyed the advantages of ArtCAM Pro and want to continue to do so with extra benefits too, please contact