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We’re Now a Safe Contractor - Official

Safe contractor accreditationAs many of our customers already know, Safe Contractor accreditation is a highly respected certification. It is awarded to companies that that have demonstrated their commitment to maintaining high health and safety standards in the workplace.

The accreditation is awarded by Alcumus SafeContractor, one of the UK’s leading health and safety bodies.

A challenging process

We knew before even starting our application that gaining accreditation was not going to be easy.

The process is designed to thoroughly assess a company’s health and safety processes. We had to provide detailed documentation and evidence of policies and procedures as well as proof of their implementation and effectiveness.

As one can imagine, providing such information required a significant investment in time and resources. Especially as the process demands a high level of expertise and knowledge in health and safety practices.

The assessors are extremely experienced and knowledgeable in this field. We needed to show strong evidence of best practices and an absolute commitment to health and safety.

Up to the mark

With much hard work and despite the complexities of the application process, TLM were able to provide the high level of detail, time, resources and expertise required. Not to mention, the ongoing commitment to health and safety needed to meet the accreditors exacting standards.

For our customers, our Safe Contractor Accreditation provides reassurance regarding compliance with legal regulations and that positive measures to reduce the likelihood of workplace accidents have been taken.

For our employees, our implementing policies and procedures that prioritise health and safety, help to create a beneficial workplace culture. By obtaining this certificate, we hope we’ve demonstrated to both our dedication to providing a safe and healthy workplace.

For more details on our Safe Contractor accreditation and answers to specific questions on our approach to health and safety, please contact