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The Low Cost Quality Laser Marker

The FOBA Y.0200-S is a 20 Watt pulsed solid-state fiber laser marker.

Compact, versatile and highly reliable as well as tried, tested and fully compliant, it is an ideal solution to a wide range of industrial direct part marking applications.

FOBA Y.0200-S laser marker

The Y.0200-S can mark a variety of metal, plastic and other hard to mark materials for a host of different industries including the electronics, tools and metal and automotive sectors.

Engraving, high contrast colour change, material removal or annealing – the Y.0200-S can do it all.

The laser  marks on moving or static parts and will quickly apply complex variable data (ID matrix/bar codes, logos, characters, serial numbers, individual data, etc.).

Feature packed

Available features include powerful software supports with user interfaces such as FOBA Draw for Win PC and the browser enabled Touch Control Software FOBA Go.

The laser offers two marking heads (6 and 10mm) and two beam orientations (straight-out and 90º).

Easy integration

The Y.0200-S is a truly compact design with two small scan heads to match.

The flexibility and FOBA’s proven hardware/software platform ensure easy integration into virtually any production line as well as OEM machines.

High productivity

Set-up can be carried out in the absolute minimum of time.

The air-cooled, highly efficient laser source is maintenance-free (though for added reassurance, like all TLM distributed FOBA products, the Y.0200-S comes with full technical and service support).

With PC independent stand-alone operation, maximum uptime and reduced costs are assured. And to increase productivity  further, there’s a fast marking speed of up to 10.000 mm/sec (600m/min).

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