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Go for Green

Not all materials allow satisfactory laser marking results.

Difficult substrates include many white and transparent plastics, glass surfaces and highly reflective metals.

With their new low heat impact V.0071-gr and V.0141-gr green marking lasers, it’s a problem FOBA has now addressed.

Using “cool” marking technology, these new 7 and 14W lasers use the green laser wavelength (532nm) to provide high accuracy and speed for the marking of demanding substrates.

Green for marking excellence

Green marking laser

A green laser’s 532nm wavelength is highly absorbed by most materials.

Providing high contrast markings, small and intricate details can be marked with precision and accuracy.

With the green laser’s smaller spot size, marking details are made even finer with high resolution codes.

This impressive marking quality can also be applied to other problem surfaces.

These include red and orange plastic surfaces and special plastics such as UHMWPE, HDPE and PMMA.

Green for speed

FOBA’s new V.0071-gr and V0141-gr green lasers give a high marking speed of up to 6,000mm/s or 700 characters/s, depending on application.

This high speed combined with the lasers’ high versatility regarding materials, make then the ideal choice for high production volume  industries such as the semiconductor and electronics industries and the automotive sector.

Manufactured by FOBA, the lasers enjoy FOBA’s user benefits.

For a start, they can be easily operated with FOBA’s full workflow package.

Using the Intelligent Mark Positioning option, further advantages include upstream part inspection, precise automated mark alignment and verification of the marked characters, all enabled by the integrated camera.

FOBA’s new green lasers, the V.0071-gr and V0141-gr, provide two new high quality, high speed tools for your marking arsenal. For details, please contact 

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