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Leave Your Mark – With Us

TLM’s contract laser marking services must be the next best thing to having an in-house laser. For a start, the service is fast – we can even offer a same day service though obviously this is dependent on the size and complexity of the job.

Getting your product to our Bromsgrove workshop is easy – just drop it in or have it delivered.

Whatever the material that needs marking, chances are we can mark it. That includes aluminium, silicon, stainless steel, titanium, carbide not forgetting a range of plastics and organics such as wood and leather.

Once we’ve carried out your job, we’ll save your application to hard disc so its ready to go the next time your need our services.

Specialised services

With over 15 years’ experience in the laser industry, TLM have all the expertise your particular job demands plus the state-of the-art technology required to carry it out precisely and efficiently.

Medical marking

We can mark or engrave (including 3D engraving)  your product with whatever design you require – from overbranding to bar codes, logos to batch numbers.

Examples of our specialist services include:

Just the job

When quality and accuracy are absolutely essential, TLM’s contract marking service is the fail-safe choice. 

For such premium marking requirements, the volumes needed are typically low. However, should a volume for a particular product increase, we can provide a seamless integration with your production needs and facilities.

To provide your products with the traceability or branding they require without the need to invest  in a laser marking system, please contact