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Sheet metal and tube laser cutting are now in range

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Thanks to a new partnership with Axe & Status, TLM can now offer a UK supply network for ACCURL laser cutting machines.

Our new partnership with Milton Keynes based distributors Axe & Status means that TLM can now offer a UK supply network for ACCURL laser cutting machines.

ACCURL is one of the world’s top manufacturers in the field of steel metalworking machinery.

Founded in 1988, today’s ACCURL fibre laser cutting machine offerings include the SmartCUBE, SmartLINE and MasterLINE ranges providing fibre laser source options between 1 Kw – 30 Kw.

The ACCURL Laser Tube Cutting Machine provides fully automatic loading and unloading with cutting options from 12mm to 610 mm (0.5” to 24”) in diameter and up to 18m (60ft) in length.

Robust Construction

ACCURL prides itself on manufacturing systems that provide high quality and productivity.

Its fibre laser cutting machines can achieve a positive speed of 180m/min and an acceleration of 3G.

ACCURL steel frames are built to last years of heavy use without distortion 

Fully annealed at over 600ºC to relieve stress, the frames are of semi-hollow bed design with a small heating area.

This heating area is covered and protected by a 20mm thick graphite anti-burning layer to ensure the machine bed and working table maintain their shape without burn-out.

Smarter Cutting

The SmartLINE series is an ideal example of ACCURL’s dedication to high quality with high-speed productivity backed by technical innovation.

SmartLINE Series machines are among the leading metal cutting systems on the market and are packed with a host of ready-to-use features.

Compact, versatile and productive, this range of 2D laser cutting machines are suitable for a wide range of materials including highly reflective metals and high-thickness mild steel.

Like all ACCURL fibre laser machines, the SmartLINE series can be combined with automatic modules to create a complete and efficient system, for the entire production process.

For further information on the ACCURL range of customised fibre laser cutting solutions at affordable prices from entry-level to high-end, don't hesitate to get in touch with us

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