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User Specified Laser Surface Preparation

Lasers can provide a high speed, low maintenance means of cleaning and surface preparation in virtually any industry.

Easily automated, lasers can remove rust, oil and gas and strip paint and other coatings. Lasers can even be used to modify surface textures, for instance, add roughness to increase a surface’s adhesive properties.

Laser surface preparation and cleaning

All-round winner

Laser cleaning offer significant advantages over more traditional methods.

For example, abrasive blasting may be easy and effective but there is a price – the cost of the blast media. If removing paint, this has to be separated from the paint debris which then requires separate treatment.

Compared to blasting, lasers are far more controllable and can be used on thin and composite materials that the blasting process would damage. In addition, any debris created is extracted as part of the laser’s own extraction process.

Chemical and Thermal negatives

For a whole component or part, chemicals are good at removing surface contamination. However, if only a select area is required to be cleaned the process then becomes problematic.

A laser can be applied accurately on a designated area. There are also, of course, no chemical disposal issues or any need for drying time.

Thermal cleaning  is a means of removing organic contaminants such as polymers and plastics. The process can generate excessive heat which can cause cracking and distortion.

Laser cleaning is infinitely faster, operates at a far lower temperature, is hugely more precise and provides vastly superior energy efficiency.

Automated for high volume productivity

For low volume and flexible cleaning and surface preparation, our product partner 4JET offers their JETLASER series of manual handheld laser cleaning.

handheld laser claening

Where high volumes are concerned and where surface preparation is part of the production process, an automated cleaning system is a potentially efficient and economical solution.

At TLM we can devise  a bespoke automated cleaning station, custom-made to meet your surface preparation requirements – everything from volume to exact surface finish.

For information on our laser cleaning and surface preparation systems and/or details on a bespoke cleaning station to meet your specific needs, please contact