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Whatever Your Wafer Sorting Needs

Our German product partners, Innolas, have been developing and manufacturing wafer marking and software systems since their foundation back in 1995.

Today, Innolas are a major global supplier to the Semiconductor industry, designing, engineering and manufacturing laser systems with reliable, high quality solutions.

Innolas wafer sorting systems can automatically sort, split, merge and transfer semiconductor, LED and compound wafers in sizes from 2” to 450mm. Wafer thicknesses range from 150µm to 1500µm.

Individual sorting is carried out by wafer ID, thickness or weight. Handling is by automated vacuum or edge grip with a throughput of up to 600 wafers/hr depending on the process.

Wafer marking and sorting

ID Sort modes

ID sorting is divided into three modes:

  • Sort (ascending, descending, random)
  • Split (even, uneven, random)
  • Merge

Wafers can be transferred quickly from one cassette to another (e.g. transport cassette to process cassette) without reading or alignment. Most Innolas sorting systems are suitable for use on fully automatic loading and unloading systems for inspection (EFEM).

Systems to meet your specifications

Innolas wafer sorting systems range from the IL 2600 sorting system to the IL C3X00 sorter series with five systems in the range.

The IL 2600 wafer sorting system is designed to merge, split or sort 2” to 200mm wafers. Up to six input/output stations guarantee a high throughput.

The IL C3X00 series is designed to sort and inspect 300mm wafers in a clean class 4 (ISO EN 14644-1) mini environment. The top of the range IL C4600 is designed for 450mm wafers with 300mm as an option.

The IL C3X00 series and the IL C4600 can be equipped with between one and seven loadports and are ready to run PBV, AGV as well as OHT.

Standard and custom options

The basic configuration of all Innolas sorting systems includes fully automated handling components as well as a slot scanner.

To help meet specific user needs, a large variety of standard options are available. Custom made options are also available. Examples of optional modules available include: Barcode hand scanner, “Edge Grip” handling system and SECS/GEM interface.

For full information and/or details of any of the laser sorting system products  in the Innolas range or for help in choosing the sorting system that right for your specific needs, please contact