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Your 5 Point Guide to an Ultrashort Pulse Laser

“Ultra” really is the word when describing the benefits of FOBA’s new laser marker offering.

For the marking of almost any material, it’s ultra efficient, ultra compact, ultra flexible, ultra fast and it delivers ultra black markings.

For efficiency, it’s air cooled, so it’s cheap to run through a simple wall plug connection. It’s also built to for a long life, giving the system a low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Made small for smooth integration

The F.0100-ir is one of the most compact of all the ultrashort pulse lasers.

It’s designed to be smoothly integrated into production lines and to work with other laser marking machines such as the  FOBA M2000 and M3000 systems.

FOBA F.0100-ir laser marker

New opportunities

Able to mark virtually any material, this UKP laser marker opens up a whole world of new opportunities.

With its adjustable pulse duration from the femtosecond to the picosecond range, the heat input remains ultra low despite the high pulse energy. This allows temperature-sensitive materials to be marked precisely, reliably and economically, as well as metals and even transparent materials.

Such flexibility makes it an ideal marking solution for the medical, automotive and electronic sectors.

Components and instruments made of materials as diverse as stainless steel, tungsten and plastics can all be marked by just one laser.

High speed, high contrast

The FOBA F0100-ir ultrashort pulse laser gives you 4x faster black marking compared to MOPA fibre. The laser markings are also blacker than both the standard fibre and MOPA fibre alternatives.

The fine structures created by the laser process prevent the reflection of light  so that the laser markings appear deep black with high contrast, providing excellent readability from different viewing angles.

Efficient, compact, flexible, fast and high contrast – 5 reasons why when it comes to choosing an ultrashort pulse laser, the choice comes down to just the one – the FOBA F.0100-ir.

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