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Southern Manufacturing 2024

The doors will soon be opening at the Farnborough International Exhibition Centre for this year’s edition of Southern Manufacturing and Electronics. Top esteemed professionals from a wide range of engineering and manufacturing industries will be coming together to deliberate and research new innovative ways in which to grow their businesses.

Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2024

What to Expect at Stand C245

Being the first major show of the year, we at TLM Laser are extremely excited to be starting with a bang. We have plenty of new aspects to our stand along with showcasing the latest in laser technology. You do not want to miss us!

Stand C245 is where you will enter the world of lasers, specifically, the applications of welding, cleaning, engraving & marking, cutting and 3D printing along with many more. We will have expert engineers to discuss system servicing and maintenance as well as product experts to talk you through the machines inside and out. You will have a bank of questions which our highly skilled team will happily answer and demonstrate how our laser machines help thousands of manufacturing and engineering businesses within the UK keep productivity up, quality at the highest standard and downtime to a minimum.

We are extremely excited this year to be showcasing the FOBA M1000 laser engraving system alongside the 4Jet laser cleaner and IPG’s LightWELD hand-held laser welder.

FOBA M1000 – Laser Engraving Sample Parts for You to Take Home

The FOBA M100 is our most compact enclosed laser engraving system. At the show, you will get the chance to talk to our job shop expert Sam Burns and see this system in all its glory as we will be live marking sample parts and merchandise for you to take home. While show merchandise provides a fun takeaway, we wanted to give you, the attendee something memorable and show just how powerful this system can be for your marking needs.

When you visit us ask Sam about its capabilities and he will have a demonstration ready to go for you.

IPG LightWELD – The Hand-Held System Taking the Welding World by Storm

The world of fabrication welding has been primed for a revolution for a long time and IPG has kicked the door down with a solution which not only minimises the need for training but also puts consumable costs through the floor when compared to traditional methods like MIG and TIG welding.

Our LightWELD expert Tony Dain will be on the stand with the system to talk you through any questions you have about implementing this machine into your business.

4JET Jet Laser M100 – Hard on Contaminants, Soft on Surfaces

Laser cleaning is the new kid on the block as far as laser technology advancement is concerned. 4Jet has designed the Jet Laser system which is pioneering the cleaning industry. This laser cleaner shows the world that messy and laboursome traditional methods are out and lasers are in.

Naturally, there are a lot of questions which you may have, and we are happy to offer answers. Tony Dain is also our laser cleaning expert and will have the Jet Laser M100 on the stand with us to showcase.

The Exhibition Team

We want to introduce the exhibition team who will be there over the three days to service and provide you with all the information needed surrounding the latest laser technology and solutions to elevate your business to the next level.

  • Andy Toms – Director
  • Tony Dain – Product Manager
  • Tom Kerrigan – Marketing Executive
  • Sam Burns – Apprentice & Job Shop Technician

Meet the TLM Laser Team

Join us at Southern Manufacturing and Electronics 2024 on 6th – 8th February.

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If you would like to contact us before the show to ask any questions, please reach us on or call us on 01527 959099.