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Time to Think Big about Mobile Laser Welding

Laser welding is now an established means of repairing tools and dyes.

With minimal volumes of material melted, minimal energy is used making laser welding the optimal technique for repairing shapes or making design changes.

Through a controllable pulse shape, stresses can be eliminated hence no cracking (particularly important for hardnesses above 55 HRC).

When pores, voids, leaks or cracks occur in casting metal, laser welding is a cost-effective solution for resource-saving repairs. A fast one too – the repair process can often take less than 10 minutes.

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ALFlak Laser Welder

In terms of weight, and size, some tools and dyes present major problems when moving to a dedicated repair site is required.

When even larger and heavier structures are involved such as turbines and drive shafts, the problems are multiplied.

Mounted on a crawler chassis, both the AL ROCK and AL FLAK series of mobile laser welders get around the problems of transporting workpieces by carrying out necessary repairs at the workpiece site – eliminating the time and effort in moving and the chances of accidental damage during the process. 

Turbine components and drive shafts are often made of high-strength alloys and specialised materials, designed to withstand extreme conditions.

Alpha Laser’s mobile lasers can produce a narrow weld with minimal dilution ensuring the repaired area maintains its material properties including corrosion resistance, high-temperature strength and fatigue resistance.

What’s the difference?

The AL-ROCK is a 4K mobile laser hardening system with a powder application welding option.

Compact in size, the machine can be quickly and easily placed on or beside the workpiece to reach the area needed to be hardened or welded.

All AL ROCK components from robot control to powder conveyor are integrated into the machine so it is 100% mobile.

Available with up to 900W of laser power, the AL FLAK series makes mobile laser welding simple.

Its’ long and slim laser arm combined with a precision response joystick allows repairs deep into the most awkwardly shaped components.

Wide seams up to 340mm are possible without settling. This saves time because there’s no need for constant repositioning.

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