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The Complete Handheld Laser Welding Package

You’ve found the laser you want. You’ve ordered it, paid for it and had it delivered. That doesn’t mean it’s ready for use. You need consumables, you need to meet safety requirements, you’re going to need system support.

With a new IPG LightWELD system from TLM, none of this need concern you. Because we’re here to supply the complete laser welding package.

Handheld laser welding

From wire to technical support

LightWELD systems come with an optional wire feeding package which TLM will supply if required. As distributors for Quada, we can supply the welding wire too.

With TLM, your system  can enjoy the advantages of our renowned technical support service.

You can also rely on TLM for a planned maintenance programme that will meet your organisation’s and your equipment’s specific needs.

Welding safety 

You can’t take your laser out of its box and plonk it in the middle of the factory floor.

Minimal amounts of laser light can lead to permanent eye damage. Laser safety standards dictate that class 4 lasers need to be inside a safety enclosure or chamber. Safety curtains will not suffice.

TLM can provide modular safety enclosures that are built, tested and certified to international safety standards.

We can also provide and certify the necessary ventilation and extraction needed for the enclosure. For LEV (local exhaust ventilation) requirements our enclosures are HSG 258 compliant for the removal of fumes and emissions. From status monitoring to stack requirements to design, enclosures and related extraction equipment are tested and certified by BOHS trained technicians.

Glasses too

From the LightWELD system and related options to consumables, support infrastructure and the welding enclosure, TLM can supply every element required.

It’s not just those components and factors that relate directly to the laser we supply. The laser operator is very much a priority for us hence our range of laser safety eyewear from our product partners Univet.

For the best options and prices for laser safety glasses that precisely match your operators’ needs, please use our Laser Safety Glasses Wizard.

For further details and information on IPG LightWELD systems, Quada laser wire, TLM Technical Support and Planned Maintenance Programmes and Laser Chambers and Enclosures, please visit