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CO2 Laser Refills and Repairs

CO2 tubes will leak over time. When they do, they lose output power. Of course, before that happens, they could be dropped or damaged in use, causing problems to the optics and/or alignment. Replacing a CO2 tube can be a relatively expensive proposition. But with TLM’s CO2 Refill and Repair service a cheaper alternative is at hand.

 CO2 Refill and Repair service

Scan Heads and Plotter Tables

The TLM refill service applies to both scan head based and plotter table systems. However, it should be noted that the name of the manufacturer that appears on the outside of the system is not necessarily the manufacturer of the laser source. In the main, this does not create a problem in that most sources come from manufacturers such as Rofin Sinar, Deos, Synrad and Spectron, allowing us to offer our regas service for most makes and models.

When we refill your tube, we will also check all cavity optics, alignment and cleanliness as part of the process. If a fault is found, our skilled UK technicians can carry out the necessary repair (if authorised by the customer). We can also offer replacement tubes or a higher power upgrade. Our repair service extends to the power supply units in most RF Excited systems. Our checks are also carried out on all tubes after the regas and sealing process has been completed to ensure there are no leaks. We normally allow a 10-12 day turnaround for the process though this can be reduced in prearranged urgent cases.

Chinese Glass DC CO2 Tubes

The refill service has recently been expanded to cater for the growing market in Chinese glass DC CO2 tubes. For the straightforward refill of 20-140 watt glass CO2 tubes, we will charge a flat rate of £500.00 plus VAT per tube. All tubes ae examined on receipt and if a fault is diagnosed (and the tube is recoverable) we can carry out an authorised repair which comes with a 6 month warranty (subject to T&Cs).

Dealing with problem goods from the Far East can be frustrating and difficult. TLM can provide the local support you need, saving your investment and enabling far more equipment uptime which, in turn, will improve your profitability.

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