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Making Business Better for Ireland

TLM Laser officeThere can be no denying that Brexit has made a massive difference to the way the UK conducts business with Europe.

For us at TLM, this has meant that all goods purchased by TLM Laser Ltd from our European partners have had to be delivered to our UK Head Office. Once delivered, the same goods then have to be reshipped to our European customers.

This process is not only frustrating, it causes delays in supplying goods and creates additional and unnecessary expense. In a nutshell, it is totally inefficient.

We pride ourselves as a company that provides a first class service to our customers. For our European customers, the new restrictions are preventing us from meeting the high standards we‘ve set.

A key element in providing a first class service is in listening and acting on customer feedback. That’s why we have now established a full trading company in Dublin, Ireland.

Same team, improved service

The new company “TLM Laser Ireland Ltd.” is owned by the same team that own “TLM Laser Ltd.”. The only difference is that the same standards of service our customers have come to enjoy and expect from TLM can now return to or even overtake pre-Brexit levels.

Products and spare parts can now be supplied to our customers, direct from our European partners. All orders will be received and fulfilled by TLM Laser Ireland Ltd.. All invoices will be raised by TLM Laser Ireland Ltd. with payments in Euros made to our bank in Dublin.

We will be contacting all our Irish customers over the next few weeks and look forward to welcoming them to our new company.