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The Before You Buy Laser Welding Checklist

The Alpha Laser AL-IN laser welding system is designed for the laser welding of small and large metal parts.

For an entry-level laser welding system, it offers a remarkable array of advantages. Advantages that provide the answers to virtually any user’s chief requirements for such a system.

Affordable and cost-effective

THE AL-IN’s entry-level price point makes it an ideal choice not only for the beginner but for experienced laser welding technicians too. Cost-effective benefits come from its versatility.

The resonator can be moved to any angle allowing both small and large workpieces to be welded. The resonator can also be turned on its side or back allowing parts to be welded directly on the pallet truck or pallet.

AL-IN Laser Welding System

Robust and easy to use

The AL-IN is an extremely robust laser welding system built for everyday use. It’s designed to be particularly easy to use so minimising training time and allowing the production of components almost from Day One.

The power to expand

There are three laser power options – 150, 200 and 300 Watt – producing high quality professional looking laser welds on all common metals.

A range of expansion options are available allowing users to meet specific production requirements  or increase productivity levels. These options include a tilting wedge which can be tilted from 5º to 25º providing an ergonomic working position for the operator.

There’s a range of optical options  including a fixed optic with a bright LED ring light and Alpha Laser’s legendary tilt and turn optics - 360º rotatable, 40º tiltable.

With the patented Alpha Laser multifunction footswitch option, all relevant laser parameters such as voltage, pulse repetition rate and welding-spot size can be adjusted without interrupting workflow. There are also different aps for the rotary axis including one for welding on jagged surfaces and there’s even a fully automatic wire feeding system.

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