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Traceability Assured, Whatever the Conditions

As a relatively sophisticated technology, offering advantages of speed, accuracy and precision, it’s hard to think of laser marking as a robust means of traceability.

However, for the  most challenging industrial environments including heavy industries such automotive, laser marking provides solutions to all of the most common marking challenges – speed, accuracy, cost, contamination and surface coatings.

Faster output

Laser marking machines are by definition high-speed devices. Time consuming conventional marking and engraving methods require specific sets of tools as well as skills.

Laser marking and engraving simply needs an operator command and the job is done, speeding up the entire marking process compared to conventional methods.

laser marking auto parts

Our product partner FOBA’s laser marking systems are designed to keep up with high-speed line manufacturing and can be easily integrated into automated workflows.

Consistent accuracy

With conventional marking and engraving methods, one slip and an entire product can be damaged.

FOBA’s laser marking systems integrate advanced imaging and part detection technology with precise mark alignment. The necessary coding or mark lands on the right position – consistently.

Cost saving

Laser marking’s reliable and error-free technology minimises scrap and maintenance.

In the possible event of a product recall, FOBA laser marking systems apply serialised traceability codes to facilitate the remedial measures required.

Oil and dust

How harsh, mucky or dirty the manufacturing environment makes very little difference to laser marking.

Oil, dust or part contamination do not prevent effective laser marking. The laser beam cuts right through the offending contaminants and marks the material accordingly.

Surface coatings

Laser markers will mark practically anything.

On metals that carry any kind of applied coating, they will apply the required code to the right position precisely. A code that is permanently readable whether it has been marked or engraved.

No matter how harsh your manufacturing environment, however heavy your specific industry, a FOBA laser marking system can answer your specific marking requirements. For details and further information, please contact