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LightWELD XC Handheld Laser Welding

LightWeld XC handheld laser welding

Laser Type (Welding mode)

Air-Cooled Ytterbium Continuous Wave 1070 nm Fiber Laser

Laser Output
(Welding mode)

1500 W Average Power, with 2500 W Peak Power

Class 1 Red Guide Beam

Laser Output
(Cleaning mode)

2500 W Peak Power
Pulse frequency up to 50 kHz
Pulse duty cycle up to 20%


Umbilical Cable

Utilities Bundle from Base Unit to Head including: Fiber Laser Delivery, Process Gas, Process Head Control Signals and Safety Interlock Circuits - Length: 5 m (16 ft) optional 10 m (32 ft) 


Air Cooled – No External Chiller Required


Weld Head

Handheld Wobble Welding Head

Collimating Length 40 mm, Focus Length 120; Spot size 150 μm

Incorporating Safety Control Sensors and Laser-on Indicator

User-changeable nozzles for planar, internal corner, and external corner welds

Weld Head Cleaning Nozzles

Set of three nozzles for wide-angle scanning

Spot Size

150 μm

Wobble Length

Adjustable up to 5 mm

Cleaning Scan Length

Adjustable up to 15 mm

Process Gas

Argon,  Nitrogen, Argon + CO2 mix
For LHW-1500-5 Meter: Working Pressure 69-138 kPa, (10-20 psi)
For LHW-1500-10 Meter: Working Pressure 103-207 kPa, (15-30 psi)


User Interface

Front Panel Controls of Laser Power, Mode, Wobble Length and Wobble Frequency: (Rotary knobs with digital display). Laser On/Off key Switch, E-Stop Button. - Status Indicator Lights

Computer Connection

Ethernet Connection to Web Page Interface Allowing Viewing/Adjustment of Process Mode Settings and System Status and Alarm Signal



Class 4 Laser Device. Customer responsible for standard ANSI Z136.1 safety precautions.

System features include key for laser ON/Off, 2-step laser operation trigger (Enable and Fire), Part-head contact safety circuit, Facility door interlock circuit

Operating Environment

Storage temperature -20 to 60 °C. Operating range +5 to 35 °C

Ease of Aluminum Weld


Single-Side, Single Pass Material Weld Capability

Stainless steel, mild steel, galvanized steel, aluminum up to 4 mm, copper up to 1 mm

Facilities Requirements

Electrical: 220 V, 1 Ph, 50/60 Hz, < 30 Amp 

Weld Base Unit (W x D x H)

316 x 641 x 534 mm (12.4 x 25.2 x 21 in)

Weld Module Weight

53 kg,  (118 lbs)


Safety Glasses,  Power Connecting Plug, Ethernet Cable