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Robot Based Laser Cleaning, Surface Preparation and Paint Stripping 

When processing complex 3D surfaces it makes sense to combine laser technology with the flexibility and repeatability of industrial robots. The robot enables movement of the laser head over the object surface following a pre-programmed motion path.

Rather than customizing equipment around each new cleaning task, SCANYWHERE creates defined smart modules to provide tailored laser processes at a reasonable cost. These defined modules offer shorter delivery times, less technical risk and better budgeting.

Although originally designed to power our turnkey products, these modules are now available to customers who want to design their own laser surface processing system.

3-in-1 Software

SCANYWHERE is a powerful software engine that enables users to create integrated processing for scan head operation, robot motion and laser source controls - with just a few mouse clicks. Simply select the desired target areas in the CAD model of the part and the SCANYWHERE software automatically assures the correct standoff-distance to maintain the laser focus and ensure that the pulse overlap and other laser settings are kept.


SCANYWHERE provides 3 key components:

  • Intuitive process generation of each part in the CAD model 
  • Choice between on-the-fly and stitching of scan fields
  • Open platform to enable most brands of laser and robot

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