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Laser Welding Machines

Alpha Laserfrom ALPHA LASER

TLM Laser Ltd is the UK and Ireland distributor of Laser Welding Machines and Systems from ALPHA LASER GmbH.

ALPHA LASER develops and supplies laser welding machines to a wide group of industry sectors. These sophisticated systems are designed to provide the user with a tool which renders welding work faster and more precise. Particularly in the field of mobile laser welding ALPHA LASER has realised extraordinary machine concepts. See the video of ALPHA laser welding machines in action.

Laser welding Laser welding pipe

Typical fields of application are:

  • Mould and tool construction / repair
  • Thin sheet / precious steel production
  • Repair in machine construction – turbine blades, machine components, housings
  • Medical technology – medical part welding and production
  • Sensor production (micro-welding, sheath tube cutting and scribing)
  • Precision Engineering
  • Dental Laboratories
  • Jewellery Repair and Production


  • Laser Welding Machine
  • Laser Welding Sample 2
  • Alpha Laser Welding Sample 3
  • Laser Welding Sample 4
  • Laser Welding Sample 5

ALPHA Lasers have the solution to fit your requirements – whether it be a fixed or mobile system.

This is backed up by a team of industry experts in conjunction with TLM that can provide the right solution and training to maximise your production, a first class service and the necessary spares.

For more information see the TLM Blog posting on Laser Welding

ALPHA Laser Welding Machines in action

Laser fine cutting

Cutting intricate shapes out with a laser

Cylindrical sensor laser welding

welding the end plates on automotive sensors with lasers

Mobile Laser welding ALFlak

welding a ring with a laser

Laser Welding Jewellery

welding a ring with a laser

Laser Deposit Welding

Various examples of laser deposit welding

Hand Held Laser Welding

repair production QA failures with a hand held laser

Data Sheets

  • Mobile laser welding systems

    Mobile Laser Welding Systems

    Alpha Laser welding systems can be tracked and mobile taking the welding to the workpiece. This keeps moulds and workpieces in place and production up for longer reducing your mean time to repair and any opportunity cost....

    Mobile Laser Welding Systems »

  • systems allowing manual or automated workpiece manipulation

    Enclosed Laser Welding

    Laser machines with laser proof casings taht allow the user to manually manipulate the workpiece or use automated softwaree control....

    Enclosed Laser Welding »

  • Open Laser Welding Systems

    Open Laser Welding Systems

    Laser welding systems with enclosures giving you the flexiblity to weld items outside an enclosure. Varying machine models and laser powers mean that Alpha laser will have the right laser for your task....

    Open Laser Welding Systems »

  • Entry level 3D metal printer

    AL 3D Metal Printer

    The AL 3D is an entry 3D metal printer designed for the production of fine, complex geometries by using a very fine laser spot....

    AL 3D Metal Printer »

  • AL-DV Wire Feeding System

    AL-DV Wire Feeding System

    A compact, robust and easy to use laser welding wire feeding system suitable for wire thicknesses of 0.2 - 1.6 mm...

    AL-DV Wire Feeding System »

  • Laser Brochure 2016

    Alpha Laser Brochure

    The Alpha Laser 2016 Brochure...

    Alpha Laser Brochure »

  • Laser welding system

    AL-IN Laser Welding System

    The entry level laser welding system with expert level laser welding results: Powerful - Affordable - Robust...

    AL-IN Laser Welding System »