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Wafer Marking and Sorting Systems

TLM Laser is the distribution partner for InnoLas’ market leading Semiconductor products.

InnoLas Semiconductor GmbH is a European market leader in the development and manufacturing of laser systems for wafer marking sorting and inspection. Thanks to many years of technological cooperation with its customers in wafer marking and sorting processes along with the practical experience gained from the setup and implementation of almost a 1000 systems, InnoLas is aware of the specific technological requirements of the semiconductor industry and offers a wide range of proven products that can optimized for a variety of customer specific applications.

In order to ensure superior performance in the productivity and efficiency of wafer processing required by the Semiconductor Industry, InnoLas guarantees maximum availability and fail-safe operation of its systems. This offer is complemented by TLM’s reliable and swift field service and thorough end user training programs.

Wafer marking and sorting systems from Innolas

InnoLas Data Sheets


  • semiconductor IL 1000 Laser Marking Series

    IL 1000

    The Innolas IL 1000 Laser Marking series was developed for simple or advanced marking of a broad range of material types, sizes and geometries....

    IL 1000 »

  • innolas 1000 WMA

    IL1000 WMA

    Either a 3 Watt sodium or a 30 Watt CO2 laser class 1 marking system. ...

    IL1000 WMA »

  • IL 2000 Laser marking System

    IL 2000

    The Innolas IL 2000 series laser system is designed to mark various wafer materials with diameters ranging from 2“ to 200mm....

    IL 2000 »

  • IL 2600 Product brochure

    IL 2600

    The InnoLas IL 2600 wafer sorting system can automatically sort, split, merge and transfer wafers from any slot / cassette to any other slot / cassette in a six cassette array....

    IL 2600 »

  • IL 3000 wafer marking system product brochure

    IL 3000 Plus

    The Innolas IL 3000 (Plus) series laser system is designed to mark 300mm Silicon wafers....

    IL 3000 Plus »

  • IL C3000 product brochure

    IL C3000

    The Innolas IL C 3000 is a state of the art class 1 mini environment marking system for 300mm Silicon wafers....

    IL C3000 »

  • IL C3800 Wafer marking brochure

    IL C3800

    The Innolas IL C 3800 is a multi-functional system for sorting, transfering and inspection of 300mm wafers....

    IL C3800 »