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Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving is the practice of using a laser to engrave an object whereas Laser Marking covers a broader category of methods to mark an object, which might include color changes, charring, foaming, melting and ablation.

Types of laser engraving include laser deep engraving, three-dimensional laser engraving, micro engraving, smoothing and frosting:

  • Deep Engraving - In deep laser engraving, deep markings are made through repeated removal of material layers.
  • 3D Engraving - three-dimensional laser engraving involves three-dimensional, layer-wise material removal which is executed depending on the component geometry. This process can also be used to engrave complex products such as minting dies or embossing stamps and tools.
  • Micro Engraving - micro laser engraving is used if tools used for minting coins or for manufacturing jewelry need to be marked with fine filigree structures.
  • Laser Smoothing - to improve the surface quality and a longer lifetimes of tools, areas that are previously three-dimensionally engraved can be smoothened using a laser.
  • Matting - laser matting or “frosting” involves direct materials processing of the end product or the embossing tool to achieve optical effects.

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