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Laser Heat Treating and Surface Hardening

High-Power Direct-Diode Industrial Laser System

Heat treating and hardening a surface with a laser is simple. Point the laser, heat the surface and let it cool.

 Heat treating and hardening a surface with a laser

Laser technology is ideal for performing laser-transformation hardening in a manufacturing environment because of the:

  • superior heat treat characteristics,
  • flexibility of the process,
  • compatibility with a lean manufacturing environment,
  • fast cycle time for processing the parts.

When comparing yields, operating expenses, and environmental impact, this method is the most cost-effective laser heat-treating process.

An output wavelength of 975 nm, is highly absorptive and requires no pre-coating of the work piece to achieve absorption. Laser heat treated parts feature greater wear resistance and, under certain conditions, increased fatigue strength.

System Advantages

  • High processing speed with negligible distortion and no pre-processing needed
  • Precision heating control
  • Flexibility means that it easily handles most work pieces of any shape or geometry
  • Higher hardness capability without cracking or spalling
  • Improvement fatigue life on drive train components and powder metal parts
  • Pyrometer-based closed-loop heat treat process control

Industry applications

  • Bearing Surfaces
  • Forming Tools and Cutting Surfaces
  • Stamping Dies and pumps
  • Valve Seat and Seal Surfaces
  • Hand Tools, Needles, and Pins
  • Drive Train Components
  • Turbine Blades
  • Powder Metal Parts
  • Cams and Gears

Solid-state laser systems based on laser diode bars with beam shaping optics and a free-space beam delivery system. The beam shape formed by the laser can be tailored to the application and is ideal for processing large surface area parts with localized and minimal heat input.

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