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Laser Cutting Gaskets and Seals

Laser cutting is often the preferred method for the precise cutting and shaping of key materials used in the design and manufacturing of seals and gaskets.

Laser cut gaskets

A wide range of industries from automotive and aerospace to petrochemical and energy use laser cutting machines for the production of gaskets, oil seals and mechanical seals, especially as these may be required in a variety of materials such as alloys and metal, rubber, leather, plastics and other organic materials.

The value and economic benefits for using laser technology in seal and gasket production include:

  • No material deformation
  • No material distortion
  • No material fracturing
  • No tool wear
  • No tool gumming
  • No die/fixture costs
  • Clean accurate repeatable cuts
  • High tolerance cutting
  • Very complex geometries
  • Crisp machine-readable marks
  • Rapid and accurate job estimation
  • Seamless ramp from prototype to production
  • No down time for tool replacement

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