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Laser Welders for Plastic

Laser Plastic Welding Solutions from EVOSYS

Laser welding plastic

Laser welding plastic is cleaner, safer, more accurate and more repeatable than other more traditional methods of welding plastic components. 

EVOSYS produces highly reliable systems for the automotive and other industries.  The systems are suitable for a variety of batch and component sizes. The machines can either stand alone or be integrated into your production line using EVOSYS systems. Ideal for:

  • laser welding plastic components
  • laser welding plastic film
  • laser welding plastic parts
  • laser welding plastic tubing

Stand-alone Plastic Welding Systems

One of the more recognisable applications of plastic laser welding technology is the production of tail lights for the automotive industry.  This laser welding of these plastic parts can be achieved using stand alone EVOSYS laser welding equipment. 

Full Production Line Integration

If you would like to integrate a machine into your round the clock production line, EVOSYS offers high availability plastic welding machines through TLM Laser, EVOSYS UK distributor of laser plastic welding systems.

Laser welding plastic

TLM Laser will advise you the best machine for your purposes.  See our Laser Welders for Plastics section and please feel free to contact our sales team for more information.  

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