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Laser Cladding Metal

Laser cladding, also known as laser deposition, is a process used for applying one material to the surface of another.

Cladding is achieved by feeding a stream of a suitable powder into a focused laser beam as it is scanned across a metal surface, leaving behind a deposited coating.

Laser cladding provides:

  • precise placement of the cladding material.
  • a wide choice of different materials that can be deposited
  • deposits that are fully fused to the metal surface.
  • a narrow heat affected zone (HAZ).
  • limited distortion of the substrate.
  • easy automation and integration into CAD/CAM and CNC production.

Laser cladding

Industry applications

  • Oil and Gas Industry Components
  • Water Walls and Tanks
  • Hard Facing of Valve Seats
  • Bearing Shafts
  • Bearing Seats, Cylinder Liners and Pins
  • Hydraulic Shafts
  • Mining Equipment
  • Forestry and Agricultural Equipment
  • Remanufacturing

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