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CAD Software Features

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Relief Clipart Library
Scale Relief
Smooth Relief
Invert Relief
Relief Boundary
Magic Wand
Zero In/Out to Vector
Remove Small Holes
Paste Relief
Preview Relief
Create Mesh
Relief from Greyscale
Sculpting: Smooth  
Sculpting: Erase  
Sculpting: Deposit  
Sculpting: Carve  
Shape Editor  
Weave Wizard  
Texture Relief  
Turn Tool  
Spin Tool  
Fade Relief  
Relief Cookie Cutter  
Add Draft  
Shading Parameters    
Calculate Surface Area    
Scale to Volume    
Greyscale from Relief    
Relief Mirror-Merge    
Paste Relief On Vector    
Face Wizard    
Two Rail Sweep    
Relief Offset    
Slice Relief    
Create Ring    
Constant Height Lettering    
Back Reliefs    
3D Blend    
Contour Blend    
Create Cross Section    
Relief Layers    
Advanced Sculpting Tools    
Angled Plane    
Relief Analysis Tools    
Envelope Distortion    
Texture Flow    
Latent Imaging