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3D Computer Aided Design Software

Carveco Maker Plus builds on the features of Carveco Maker providing additional production-oriented tools and 3D design features, all geared towards increasing manufacturing output, range and efficiency.

Relief Layers

3D Relief Layers

Interactive relief layers enable you to structure your design and control how different 3D elements interact with one another.

Import file types

Import Options

Import a range of 2D and 3D file types including BMP, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, AI, DXF, DWG, STL, OBJ, IGES, 3DM and more.

Create composite reliefs

Composite Relief

Save composite reliefs or add them to your own 3D clipart library for easy re-use in other designs and projects.

Create embossed reliefs

Relief Embossing

Emboss reliefs onto 3D models or transform into an embossed low-relief with additional perspective controls.

Organic sculpting

Organic Sculpting

Carveco’s Sculpting tools enable you to easily build and blend areas of your artwork to give it a hand-crafted look and feel.

Textures 3d CNC

Creating Textures

Generate geometric patterns and organic textures directly from your artwork or from the geometry of the cutting tool itself.

Vector flow textures

Texture Flow

Generate geometric patterns and organic textures directly from your artwork or from the geometry of the cutting tool itself.

Weave tool 3d

Weave Tool

Use overlapping vector patterns to automatically create a weaved relief, where intersecting vectors pass over or under each other.

face profiling tool

3D Face Profiles

Using an imported photo, easily create a 3D face profile to add to your designs

fade 3d object relief

Fade Relief

Dynamically fade the height of your relief artwork across a linear plane, radial plane or between boundaries.

global smoothing

Smooth Relief

Perform global smoothing passes to relief layers in order to clean up low-quality imported models and shapes.

vector shadow

Vector Shadow

Create shadow projections on your reliefs to give the illusion of 3D within 2D designs.

Latent Image 3D

Latent Image

Produce a 3D design that changes when viewed from different angles.

plane adjustment model

Angled Plane

Use interactive drag-handles to dynamically adjust the plane of a relief in real-time.

dynamic z scaling

Scale Relief

Dynamically scale Z heights of your entire relief, or specific vector-defined areas of your artwork, all while preserving surface detail.

3d circular relief tool

Extrude, Spin & Turn

Use dynamically controlled drive-rails to create unique spun shapes with Z-level modulation

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