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Dot Marking Systems for Automation and Integration

Richter has specially developed a range of fully integral dot peen and marking systems.

The Blue Cube has an extra small design with low weight for uses in satellite system robots or handling axis. This makes it ideal for use in production lines. There is also a range of accessories for this model to fit with individual requirements.

The EasyMarker++ is an inexpensive integrated dot peen solution for automation systems. This is optimised for harsh industrial environments.

The PMmicro is a compact marking system for automation, its size enables an installation of various positions, representing a large constructional advantage. It has various models to fit individual demand and marking window sizes. Its robust and fully encased high performance units are ideal for a rough industrial environment.

The UniGrav marking system is a tool series for scribing, dot peen marking and engraving. Used as a manual workstation it has varying models for different window sizes. Options for all models include an electric marking head, servo motors for enormous high speed and/or integral. Accessories also available to fit needs.

Production Line Dot Peen

Scribing and dot peen markers for integration

  • Blue Cube

    Blue Cube

    A compact integration small dot peen marking and scribing system....

    Blue Cube »

  • EasyMarker ++

    Integrated Easy Marker ++

    An inexpensive dot peen marker for integration into automated systems....

    Integrated Easy Marker ++ »

  • PMmicro

    Integrated PMmicro

    The PMmicro is a compact marking system for automation....

    Integrated PMmicro »

  • Unigrav integrated

    Integrated UniGrav

    UniGrav is a universal marking machine, for dot peen marking, engraving and scribing....

    Integrated UniGrav »

If you need more information on any of these laser machines or you would like help integrating them into your production environment, please contact us