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The New Coherent Meta 2C

Laser cutting machine meta 2cThe META 2C utilizes Coherent’s newest Diamond E250 laser, delivering excellent performance capability and material cutting flexibility, at significantly lower operating costs in a compact footprint.

The Diamond E250 is a 250W pulsed CO2 laser that has a fast rise time, high peak power pulse (peak power typically 3x above the average power) and excellent beam quality for high quality, clean cutting.

This pulsed, sealed laser has the processing capabilities of a laser twice its size, with higher efficiency for lower maintenance and operating costs.

The high peak power, square pulse and excellent mode means that it quickly vaporizes material and produces a clean narrow cut quickly.

The cutting area of the META 2c can accommodate material up to 48” wide. Access to both sides of the cutting area through the gull wing doors enhances ease of operation in production and prototype facilities.

The META 2c system is production ready to cut 20mm (0.78in) Acrylic, 20mm (0.78in) wood, rubber and other organ materials – all in one compact package.

For prototype material cutting thickness can be increased by adjusting the process parameters

Key Features:

  • 1.22m x 1.22m (48” x 48”) Cutting Bed
  • 300mm (12”) Vertical Travel
  • High Speed Flying Optic Design
  • Honeycomb Material Support Platform
  • Integrated Material Processing Database
  • Multi-process Capability
  • Industry’s Best Power Controller for Precision Cutting
  • Easy Access, Gull Wing Design
  • Auto focus system with crash sensor cutting head
  • Ethernet Ready Workstation with Touch Screen Panel
  • Enclosed, Protected Beam Path with Purge
  • High Precision, Reliable Linear Encoder Position Feedback on All Axis
  • Closed Loop, Brushless Servo Motors
  • Interlocked Class 1 Safety Enclosure
  • Computer Controlled Assist Gas Regulator
  • High Peak Power, low maintenance, Sealed CO2 Laser with fast rise time and excellent beam quality
  • 1 Year Warranty

Value Proposition:

The META 2c is ideally suited for cutting organic materials in a wide variety of applications. The unibody chassis design of the META platform allows for highly accurate and repeatable part fabrication. The excellent mode quality and proprietary power control allows the META 2c to cut fine details in a wide variety of materials at twice the speed of competitive designs not powered by the Diamond laser.