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TLM laser provides laser machines and services to many industry sectors, including:

  • Automotive Component Marking


    In the Automotive Industry, our lasers are marking everything from ball bearings to crankshafts, Night-Day buttons to VIN chassis numbers and engine blocks....


  • Laser marking for the packaging industry


    With our partners, Alltec-Foba, we can provide some of the fastest, most reliable and technically superior laser marking systems within the packaging industry....


  • Laser marking for the Aero industry


    TLM have been heavily involved with the Aerospace Industry for many years. Providing expert laser marking solutions for component marking applications....


  • Industrial Laser Marking for the Tools and Metal Industries


    ALLTEC/Foba laser markers mark a multitude of different parts and materials for the tools and metal industries....


  • Laser marking for the medical industry


    TLM have supported this sector for over a decade. Our systems are used to mark bottles, labels, tubes and blister packs within the pharmaceutical industry. ...


  • Semiconductor Laser marking


    Whether you have front end Wafer marking or back end package marking application TLM will have a product that fits your requirements....


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